Magpul DT Carbine Stock: New for 2024

Magpul has released another new product for the new year: the all-new DT Carbine Stock. The new DT Carbine Stock joins a growing list of firearm furniture from Magpul to offer shooters a fully customized weapon.

Featuring an A-frame design, the DT Carbine Stock is a drop-in replacement buttstock for most AR15/M16/M4 carbines and similar platforms with a Mil-Spec profile receiver extension. According to the company, the new stock takes the best features of the SL and CTR items and puts them in one sturdy and secure unit. The user can adjust the length-of-pull (LOP) via the ambidextrous control lever.

The design has an auto-engaging friction lock that doesn’t engage during adjustments but provides additional tension for the buffer tube, providing what Magpul states as an extra tight lockup for minimal movement between the stock’s lock pin and receiver extension. Bottom line: it allows for fast and easy LOP adjustments with a bit of extra durability and stability.

Magpul DT Carbine Stock
Magpul has announced the expansion of its rifle furniture line with the new DT Carbine Stock. The stock marries features from the SL and CTR stock lines into one durable unit, like a curved buttpad and slim design. [Photo credit: Magpul]
From the SL line, the DT Carbine stock took the unique, non-slip buttpad but uses the CTR curvature for a more ergonomic fit whether it’s against a shoulder or body armor. Not only that, but the stock has a sloping cheek weld for a slim profile and has side mounting slots that work with Magpul’s CTR Cheek Risers.

Lastly, the DT Carbine Stock has a variety of sling point options, with a 1.25-inch rear sling loop. The stock also has a rotation-limiting, integral QD swing swivel with a push-button operation that works with slings up to 1.5 inches wide. It is compatible for use with a Magpul ASAP, ASAP QD, or other receiver-mounted sling attachments, according to the company.

The DT Carbine Stock is available now from Magpul in black, flat dark earth, and olive drab green color options. The DT Carbine Stock has an MSRP of $64.95 and is available now.

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