New BOLT TX60C Thermal Weapon Sight from iRayUSA

iRayUSA, the US distributor for InfiRay Outdoor thermal optics, announced the release of the newest BOLT weapon sight. This new thermal weapon sight joins previous models from InfiRay and is the latest offering in precision optics.

The BOLT TX60C uses a 30mm main body tube and is compatible with standard mounts and rings for easy fit to rifles without bolt handle clearance issues, like those seen with “square-body” thermal optics. Inside the body is a 1024×1024 thermal Vanadium Oxide (VOx) thermal sensor providing users with a high-res image. InfiRay paired the sensor with a 60mm objective lens that allows for 3x base magnification and a digital zoom that goes up to 16x. The company didn’t stop there, the BOLT uses a circular 2560×2560 high-resolution AMOLED display for sharp images, clear reticle, and user interface.

InfiRay/iRayUSA BOLT TX60C thermal weapon sight
iRayUSA has released the newest BOLT model of thermal weapon sight, the TX60C. This new sight marries superior optics and high-end user features for a stellar thermal weapon sight. [Photo credit: iRayUSA]

“The TH50CV2, is already an impressive thermal weapon sight; the new TX60C takes the platform even further with an impressive high-resolution sensor and larger objective lens,” said Pliny Gale, iRayUSA Director of Marketing. “This combination provides a 3x base magnification, allowing hunters to retain more resolution when zooming, compared to other high-resolution models that start at 1.75x or 2x. Our customers love the image provided by our high-resolution optics. A native 3x magnification makes that high resolution so much more practical.”

The BOLT TX60C is more than just the optics; it features several user-focused features like the option of internal and removable batteries for all-day use or “hot swap’ options without powering off the unit. For power, it uses 18650 button-top batteries, skipping the previous model’s lithium batteries. The TX60C is compatible with other items, like the ILR-1200-1 wireless laser rangefinder modules, and has photo/video/audio recording capabilities, wifi streaming, wireless file transfers, multiple color palettes, and many more features.

The BOLT TX60C, like all other InfiRay optics, has a five-year transferable warranty and a five-day service turnaround guarantee. The new BOLT TX60C is shipping to dealers now and has a price tag of $6,999.

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