JK Armament Releases Updated War Eagle 2.0

JK Armament, the Idaho-based manufacturer of suppressors, muzzle devices, and accessories, has announced the update to its popular War Eagle compensator/flash hider with the War Eagle 2.0. The upgraded War Eagle 2.0 is said to be smaller, lighter, and better performing than its predecessor.

Employing precision machining, the War Eagle is constructed from black nitride-finished and heat-treated 17-4 stainless steel for durability even in hard use. JK Armament owner Jake Kunsky brings over 20 years of machining and weapons experience to the company, and the War Eagle 2.0 shows with the easy-to-install design. Using standard tools, the device has wrench flats front and rear that aid in achieving a solid purchase, with or without a suppressor. Additionally, a deep socket can be used for installation or removal, and the symmetrical design means there is no need for timing.

JK Armament War Eagle 2.0 muzzle device
JK Armament has released the updated War Eagle 2.0 muzzle device, compensator, and QA mount. Made from heat-treated, black nitride-finished steel, the device is backed by a lifetime warranty for extended use. [Photo: JK Armament]
The meticulous design of the War Eagle 2.0 means it acts triple duty for the end user as a flash hider, compensator, and mounting device for a suppressor. As the latter, the device works as the initial blast baffle, taking the lion’s share of the muzzle blast to help extend the longevity of the suppressor. Additionally, it is compatible with any JK Armament 155 series suppressors or any other ASR-compatible suppressor or ASR HUB mount. As a compensator, the company states it will last a lifetime by reducing the recoil and flash of the host weapon.

Backed by JK Armament’s unconditional, unlimited lifetime warranty, the War Eagle 2.0 muzzle device is almost .5” smaller than the previous model, at just 1.9” long and weighing a mere 3 ounces, which is just over an ounce lighter than the original. It is available in four thread sizes and bore sizes, including 1/2×28 for both 5.56 and 9mm, 5/8×4, and M14x1, making the device a solid choice for many host weapons. The JK Armament War Eagle 2.0 is available now and has an MSRP of just $139.

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