EOTECH Vudu: Rifle Scope Voodoo

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of the EOTECH Vudu line of optics…but maybe not, so we’ll be sharing some information they (meaning EOTech) recently sent out. 

Vudu Rifle Scope

via EOTECH’s release

“There’s a kind of magic at work in a Vudu rifle scope. A long list of drool-inducing features and tough-as-nails construction somehow come together to create a precision amalgamation that is surprisingly affordable for a top-notch rifle optic. The recipe behind EOTECH’s line of Vudu rifle scopes creates a heady brew of durability, precision, and versatility. Every scope is engineered and built to withstand the most rugged use and toughest conditions while also meeting the precision and performance demands of today’s serious precision shooters.”

Mirroring an EOTECH Vudu PC @jeremytremp
Mirroring an EOTECH Vudu 📷 @jeremytremp via Instagram.

Low Powered and Variable

The Mag Life

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about EOTECH and we haven’t done much in the way of reviews, but that shouldn’t be interpreted as a marginalization of their design abilities or the quality of their optics.

That said, we have been spending a lot of time on LPVOs (Low Power Variable Optics), so if you’d like to know more about that style of scope, check out one or more of these:


continued from the EOTECH release

The body of every Vudu scope is cut from a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum and has a hard-anodized, durable finish. This combination provides clear advantages in the field, protecting the internal glass from water, fog, dust, and grime. All Vudu scopes are shock-resistant and can take a serious beating.

EOTech Vudu PC @mandamarza
EOTECH Vudu set up on a bullpup. 📷 @mandamarza via Instagram.

Vudu riflescopes offer both first-focal-plane and second-focal-plane models to suit all shooting applications. From low power variable optics (LPVOs) designed for quick and accurate target acquisition to medium and high-powered rifle scopes that include bullet drop and wind hold solutions, the Vudu scope line has it covered.

Vudu lenses set the standard in scope design with superior optical clarity and shooter-friendly features. All scopes feature the highest-quality multi-coated, super-clear XC High-Density glass that provides incredible light transmission and color reproduction. This allows for exceptional edge-to-edge clarity and resolution.

EOTech VUDU 1-6x24 FFP

Above: the EOTECH VUDU 1-6×24 FFP

With Vudu’s illuminated scope reticles that include either glass-etched or fiber-optic illumination solutions, shooters will find target acquisition in any lighting condition fast and absolute. With simple push-button operation and ten brightness levels, it can adapt to any situation, and a 2-hour auto-shutoff feature ensures the batteries won’t be drained when stored. Plus, etched reticles mean the scope can be used during daylight hours, without the illumination feature.

Vudu’s one-piece eyepiece makes transitioning from low to high magnification easy and fluid. The included, removable throw lever is easy to locate and allows shooters quick magnification changes. Vudu’s surgically precise turret systems allow shooters to re-index to zero after sighting in their optic, allowing for confident windage and elevation adjustments in the field to ensure critical shots hit their mark when it matters most.

With the variety of models currently available with a host of reticles to choose from, there’s a special brew that’s perfect for every shooter. 

EOTECH Vudu PC @pnw_pew
EOTECH Vudu in the Pacific Northwest. 📷 @pnw_pew.

EOTECH Vudu 5-25x Overview

Here’s an example of one of EOTECH’s Vudu vis their social media.

The EOTECH Vudu 5-25x50mm Super Short is one of the shortest first-focal-plane rifle scopes ever made – with an awesome 5-25x magnification range and a host of enhancements to bring you closer than ever to downrange perfection.

Its compact profile leaves room on your rail to adjust a thermal optic or night vision device without leaving the eyepiece. Packing unprecedented clarity and control thanks to razor-sharp high-definition (HD) glass and surgically precise turrets with our EZ Chek Zero Stop. Housed in a rugged, single-piece T6 aircraft-aluminum tube.

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