Three 30+ Round GLOCK Magazines Perfect For the Ruger PC9 (review)

When Ruger released its brand new 9mm carbine, the PC9, they did it right. The gun runs on Ruger mags — something Ruger has taken heat for in the past, and on GLOCK mags. Having an interchangeable magazine system in the PC9 makes it versatile and even more of a no-brainer for those of us who are already besotted with 9mm Parabellum GLOCK mags. Yet Ruger is shipping these with 17 or 10 round mags, and many want more rounds on-tap. So what are the Ruger PC Carbine magazine options? There are some really good extendos available for the GLOCK, and they aren’t going to break the bank.

This article was originally published in June, 2019.

Ruger PC9 Magazine Demo

Watch Daniel Shaw as he demonstrates the three different mags suggested below:

If you want more, check out the GLOCK conversion option. While using a magazine that is designed for one gun in another can, at times, be problematic, we’ve not had any issues with the PC9.

Three Ruger PC Carbine Magazine Options

1. KCI 33 Round Magazine

The lowest-priced option is the KCI 33 round mag. It is an import, and that makes it more economical. We ran one through the PC9 and it worked without a hitch.

KCI magazine will hold 33 rounds. Ruger PC Carbine magazine
The KCI will hold 33 rounds.

2. ETS 31 Round Magazine

The ETS 31 round mag has the added advantage of being clear. While some folks view the see-through mag as a novelty, it is an easy way to keep track of how many more rounds you have at your disposal. This means the body of the mag is plastic, though, and doesn’t have the stainless insert common to GLOCK factory mags, but the ETS line still works really well. The bolt locks back on empty, and we had no feeding issues.

Ruger PC Carbine magazine: ETS 31 round mag in Ruger PC9.
The ETS 31 round mag does well as a Ruger PC9 magazine.

3. Glock Magazines

GLOCK’s factory mags are legendary. It was no surprise to us that they ran well as Ruger PC Carbine Glock mags. They are more expensive than their competition, but GLOCK mags tend to last. If you look at them as an investment, you won’t be disappointed.

Ruger PC Carbine magazine - Glock factory mag, ruger pc carbine glock mags

Depending on when you read this article, you may find limited Ruger PC Carbine magazine stock. The popularity of the PC9 is one factor, but these three mags fit so many other guns that the demand has been soaring. We constantly get in new shipments, though, so if the shelves are empty, check back. You may have to get aggressive, but it will be well worth it to get your hands on one of these Ruger PC9 magazine options.

Here’s our first look at the PC9.

The Ruger PC9 is shipped with the SR9 mag module installed in the gun, and the Glock magazine module in the box. The user can easily switch modules and start running Glock mags. Watch the demonstration in the video below and listen to all of the other details and features, too.

Which Ruger PC Carbine magazine do you prefer?

Let us know in the comments below.

David Higginbotham is a writer and editor who specializes in everyday carry. David is a former backcountry guide in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Boundary Waters Canoe Area who was a college professor for 20 years. He ultimately left behind the academy for a more practical profession in the firearms industry and was (among other editorial positions) the Managing Editor for a nascent Mag Life blog. In that Higginbotham helped establish The Maglife's tone and secure its early success. Though he went on to an even more practical firearms industry profession still, he continues to contribute articles and op-eds as time and life allow.

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