The Operator 1911 — New .45 ACP From Springfield Armory

The 1911 is one of the most iconic gun designs in history. Full stop. It has always been known for its easy customization. This is apparent by how many custom parts, builds, and versions are available. In addition, it’s known for its consistent, smooth break and general reliability. However, every forum, Facebook group, or subreddit focused on guns has had the .45 ACP vs. 9mm argument, usually with the 1911 at the center. Everyone seems to believe that either the 1911 is a gift to humanity or a relic of the past. Maybe this will help push that argument a little more in 1911‘s favor. Introducing the new Springfield Armory Operator 1911 .45 ACP. Here’s what Springfield had to say about their sleek new 1911 Operator release.

Operator 1911
“Featuring the duty-grade features serious shooters demand, the Operator 1911 builds on the century-plus of service behind the gun…”

Introducing the Operator 1911

For those that demand a no-nonsense approach to their defensive grade pistol, the Operator in .45 ACP stands ready to deliver. Featuring the duty-grade features serious shooters demand, the Operator 1911 builds on the century-plus of service behind the gun. The cartridge as well helps deliver a cutting-edge, tactical-grade pistol. Tactical Rack rear/tritium front sights, G10 grips, ambi safety, two eight-round magazines with bumper pads, forward cocking serrations, and more combine to make the Operator from Springfield Armory a must-have tool for self-defense.

Accessory Rail

Operator Accessory Rail
The rugged and capable Operator features an integrated Picatinny accessory rail on the dustcover with tactical and defensive applications in mind. This ensures that users can equip the pistol with the light, laser, or combo unit of their choice.

Forged Frame and Slide

Operator 1911 Forged Frame & Slide
The forged frame and slide, the heart and soul of all Springfield Armory 1911 pistols. It sets this gun apart from competitors’ cast models on the market by surpassing them in both strength and durability.

Ambi Safety

Ambidextrous safety
The 1911 Operator comes standard with an ambidextrous safety. The ambi safety ensures the pistol remains operational for the user no matter which hand is available,

Tritium Front Sight

1911 Operator Tritium Front Sight

Two 8-Round Mags with Base Pad

1911 8-Round Mags
The Operator pistols come with a pair of eight-round stainless steel magazines equipped with bumper pads, ensuring a steady source of reliable firepower.

1911 Operator Forward Serrations

Operator 1911 Forward Serrations
Forward slide serrations on the Operator pistol ensure a solid grip and additional flexibility in the pistol’s operation.

Skeletonized Hammer

Operator 1911 Skeletonized Hammer


Black Cerakote Finish
Matching up with the rugged durability of the forged steel parts of the 1911 Operator is a low-key black Cerakote finish that ensures long-life protection from corrosion.
1911 Operator Forged Match-Grade Barrel
The match-grade barrel, made from forged stainless steel for the utmost durability and ruggedness. It is designed to deliver the maximum barrel life and downrange performance. The Operator’s 5″ barrel provides the foundation for the pistol’s performance by matching up with a simple and reliable barrel bushing system.

Operator 1911 G10 GRIPS

G10 Grips
Combining attractive looks with a no-slip surface, the G10 grips from respected grip makers VZ Grips round out the tactical-grade package of the Operator pistol. With deep scallops for a rock-solid interface between your hand and the pistol, the G10 grips on the Operator complement the ruggedly durable 1911.

More 1911 Operator Pictures

Specifications of the Operator

Operator in Holster

1911 Operator

The 1911 has been the stuff of legend for more than a century now. Everyone chases the 1911 trigger with its smooth, consistent break and linear-pull. 

The Operator 1911 MSRPs for $1,099.

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