Faxon Firearms’ New 8.6 BLK Barrels

Faxon Firearms is building new 8.6 barrels for Remington 700 and AR10 platforms, combining their own expertise with the science and innovation of Q,

Meta Tactical APEX: More than Glock Conversion Kit

Do you ever wake and think, "Oh man, I wish my Glock was a bullpup"? You just might when you see the Meta Tactical APEX Glock Conversion Kit.

The Lever Action Axe 410: Henry’s Backyard Sorta-Plinker Kinda-Shotgun

Is Henry trying to provide something that is primarily just a blast to shoot? Meet the Henry Lever Action Axe 410.

The Long Ranger Express: Henry’s Utilitarian Lever-Action

So earlier this month, right before SHOT, two new Henry lever action rifles were announced for the Henry Repeating Arms line-up. Now, I have always had a soft spot for lever guns; I won’t deny it. There is something about them that just oozes cool. It feels like you just stepped out of a spaghetti […]

Black Collar Arms MBA – The Modern Bolt Action

Lets help get you acquainted with the super light and modular Black Collar Arms MBA Modern Bolt Action - The Modern Build-a-bolt-action.

Meet the Multitasker NANO2

Multitasker announced the latest addition to their product line: NANO2, a tiny 1-pc tool for pistol RDS adjustment.

Arex Delta Gen.2 Tactical – New Suppressor & Optics Ready Pistols

Global Ordnance, the exclusive importer of Arex Defense in the U.S. is bringing the new suppressor & optic-ready Arex Delta Gen.2 Tactical to the states.

Introducing the G3X: Taurus’ New Hybrid Compact Pistol

Taurus is introducing the new G3X 9mm pistol, a design hybrid of two of Taurus’ more recent semi-auto pistols—the G3 full-size and the G3C compact.

Phoenix 9mm – a Patriot Ordnance Factory Subgun

Here's a look at Patriot Ordnance Factory's all-new pistol, the Phoenix 9mm, first seen at their booth at the 2022 SHOT Show.

The Operator 1911 — New .45 ACP From Springfield Armory

Meet the new Springfield Armory Operator 1911. Featuring duty-grade features serious shooters want, the 1911 Operator builds on a century-plus of service.

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