The 7 Best Ways to Use HSGI Tacos

The 7 Best Ways to Use HSGI Tacos

What are HSGI Tacos? Well, they are expandible magazine pouches designed for versatility, incorporating a number of features that make them unlike any other magazine pouch on the market. This includes using a combination of shock cord, polymer brackets, and heavy-duty nylon to construct a rugged, expandable magazine pouch. The unique design makes them incredibly useful and here, we’ve gathered the seven best ways to use HSGI Tacos. 

1. Magazines… DUH

HSGI Tacos are magazine pouches so guess what? They hold magazines. In fact, these are some of the best magazine pouches on the market. They expand and contract to meet your magazine’s carrying needs. The rifle magazine pouches stick you with 5.56 style magazines and allow you to carry AUG, G36, Mini 14, and of course AR 15 magazines

HSGI Tacos. Expandable magazines pouches, rifle and pistol.

The pistol magazine Tacos seemingly fit nearly every pistol magazine you can toss at them This includes your favorites like Glock and 1911s, and expands into CZ, FN, Ruger, and so on and so forth. The only pistol magazines it would seemingly have issues with are ultra-short pocket pistol magazines. If you need something to carry a wide variety of magazines then the HSGI Taco mags are hard to beat. 

2. Tools 

Tools is a good term for things that are tactical, but not exactly magazines. The HSGI Tacos are expandable and this allows for uses beyond simply stashing magazines. The Tacos are a great way to carry a variety of useful tools. 

HSGI Tacos pistol magazine pouch holding flashlight.

The pistol magazine pouches are excellent for carrying flashlights, and even larger knives. This includes my butterfly knife, the Lucha, as well as OTF knives for quick and easy access.

HSGI Tacos. The pistol magazine pouches are great for holding knives. Image of taco with butterfly knife.

The rifle Tacos can carry CAT Tourniquets and even multi-tools. The Tacos can hold it all.

HSGI rifle taco holding a CAT tourniquete

3. Uhmmm Can Kinda Hold a Flask 

I’m not gonna say I went around my house trying to see what I could fit in a Taco. I’m also not going to say I didn’t do that. 

HSGI Tacos can be used as flask holders - sort of.

With that in mind, if you try hard enough and really try and squeeze it in a flask will kinda, sorta fit into a rifle Taco. Now, I’m not saying a flash is a tactical necessity, but I’m not going to say it’s not. From cleaning wounds to calming nerves, anything over 40 proof can be pretty handy. You can also set fires, loosen up sources, and you can even clean with it. It’s handy, and not just a problem some people think I have.

4. Tacos for Tacos? 

A problem I admittedly have is Tacos. Not HSGI Tacos, but real Tacos. A quick look at my waistline will tell you I love Tacos. Imagine if you will. You hit the range, the field, or perform a mission and you get snacky. Your stomach is growling and in that situation, a PMAG isn’t going to help you. 

HSGI Taco holding a real taco.

A supreme soft taco most assuredly will. HSGI Tacos have no issues fitting actual tacos should the need arise. 

5. Oh, and a Ton of Snap Bracelets 

You got a bunch of kids you barely like? Well, a great way to get back at them for bein’ children is to hit them with an off-brand snap bracelet. You see, off-brand snap bracelets more than often than not don’t snap very well. You can hurt them a good bit with these dollar store snap bracelets. If you have to disperse a birthday party’s worth of children the HSGI Pistol Taco can fit a ton of Snap Bracelets in it. You can disperse them at the cyclic rate.

HSGI Taco pistol pouch snap bracelets

6. Candy, Too 

Let’s say you drop off all those snap bracelets an now you got an empty Taco pouch. Well, you are at a birthday party so you might as well start stealing all the candy. You’d be pleasantly surprised by how much candy you can squeeze into a pair of Tacos. Like, way more than you think. Enough to allow a dentist to purchase a new Benz. 

HSGI taco, expandable magazine pouch, holding candy

7. Can Hold One of those Tall, Girly, Beer Cans 

I totally didn’t just shove this last one in here last minute because my girlfriend likes Spritzers and Leinenkugels. However, the rifle Taco easily fits the tall, weird can, and makes it quite convenient to wash down that Taco you’re carrying around. 

HSGI Tacos can hold tall skinny beercans like this Leinenkugels.

Tacos for Days 

HSGI Tacos are excellent pieces of gear. These things are well made, easy to use, and perfect for a wide variety of tasks. While GunMag Warehouse may be known for selling tons and tons of magazines we also sell you the means to carry them. And the means to carry a Taco. 

Pistol mags: you need some? We have ’em for every conceivable handgun make and model.

Rifle Magazines: keep your long gun fueled.

Travis Pike: read more of his articles.

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