Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Gun Nut

Christmas is rapidly approaching and soon everyone will be in a shopping frenzy. Most people want to find the best deals during the holidays for that perfect gift. But stocking stuffers are usually the last thing folks think about, as they’re easy to overlook. If you wait until the last minute to find something, it ends up being candy or some other last-minute item you picked up at the dollar store. But rest assured! If you’re in the market for some firearm-related stocking stuffers, we have some cool ideas for you.

Remington .223 ammo.
Remington UMC .223 ammo is reliable and accurate for range ammo. [Photo: Jason Mosher]
Even if the gift isn’t going in a stocking, these smaller, less expensive ideas work great for friends, loved ones, and even your favorite co-worker. I’m not sure how many times I gave a gift card to a friend only to find he bought me the same thing, like a nice holiday greeting card with a Cheddars, Olive Guardian, or Outback Steakhouse gift card. Now don’t get me wrong, I like eating and I’ll never turn down a gift card to a restaurant. But when you pass around cards and receive similar cards back from the same people you start to wonder, why even bother?

If you find yourself in a similar situation, below are some stocking stuffer ideas for this year’s holiday season.


Most gun nuts just love to hoard stockpiles of ammo. They buy it by the case and stash it away somewhere for the unknown. I won’t make too much fun of them because I may or may not do the same thing. But that doesn’t mean those guys or girls only want ammo cans full of ammo. They will be pleasantly surprised to find a small box of personal defense ammunition or hunting rounds in their stockings. Find out what caliber of gun they have and pick up a box of Critical Defense defensive ammo or quality hunting rifle ammo. Larger boxes work great for gifts under the tree, but a little box in the stocking won’t be expected.


Just about everyone has some type of flashlight that uses batteries. Do you know what else uses batteries? Optics, lasers, range finders, and tactical lights on guns all do. If someone has very many guns, they probably have items that need batteries. If you don’t know what kind they need, just look up the device brand and model; Google will do the rest.

In today’s world, we use a lot of battery-powered devices. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

Tactical Gear

When you hear the words “tactical gear” you probably envision machine guns, SWAT vests, and ballistic helmets. Those are all cool gifts that any gun nut would love, but they are expensive and won’t fit in the stocking. But there are some “tactical” toys that you can fit in a stocking. Gloves are one of them, and I don’t mean furry fluffy gloves for the snow. Tactical gloves or shooting gloves by Mechanix, Viktos, 5.11, and more all make good gifts. Machanix M-Pact Covert gloves cost around $35, and they are a quality product. Fancy gold watches are nice, but they don’t hold up so well on the range. A rugged watch is a great idea for a stocking stuffer. G-Shock watches are cheap and nearly indestructible.

Shooting with the G-Shock watch on.
The G-Shock watch is great for tactical applications and holds up well in the elements. [Photo: Jason Mosher]
Safety glasses for the range are another item to look for. And not the $4 clear safety glasses they hand out when you show up without a pair. For a gift, find some sunglasses that are rated for shooting because they can be used year-round. Walker’s has a lot of choices for tinted shooting glasses that are extremely cheap. These can also be used for hunting and just keeping in the truck or range bag. Speaking of Walker’s, they also make some Electronic Rope Hearing Enhancer Buds for shooting. These are earbuds made to suppress loud sounds from guns but enhance quieter sounds. Instead of a bulky pair of earmuffs for hearing protection, stick a pair of these in a stocking.

Random Gear for Stockings

Magazine loaders are always helpful for those who shoot a lot. Just make sure the loader is made for the type of magazine used in the gun. For example, a Glock speed loader may not work on a Springfield XD magazine. A small bottle of fully synthetic gun oil like True Blue, Wilson Combat, or Gun Butter would fit great in a stocking. A pocketknife is another great stocking stuffer that will surprise many. The good thing about knives is that they can be found in any price range you need.

Magpul Ugly Christmas Beanie
The Magpul Ugly Christmas Beanie is a great gift for anyone this year.

For those hunters, check out some hunting knives or a good knife sharpener so they can keep their blade sharp for hunting season. For those who carry a CCW gun, check out IWB concealment holsters and see if anything looks promising. Most holsters for compact guns will fit in a stocking. And if you still can’t think of anything good, just buy them a Magpul Ugly Christmas Beanie. Or buy one anyway and make them wear it while they open the rest of their gifts.

Set Up a Fun Gun Shopping Day

If you still are not sure what to buy or are afraid of buying the wrong thing, check out gift cards to places that carry cool gun stuff. Again, those restaurant gift cards are great, but everyone is interested in eating out. Nothing says, “I didn’t put any thought into your gift,” like a pre-paid Visa card. But a pre-paid Visa with an itinerary changes everything. I know of a guy who got a card from his father with a gift card to a specific restaurant he liked. The envelope also had a card to a local gun shop and a Visa card for ordering optics, mags, and ammo online. And it all fits in a stocking!


Everyone expects the wrapped gifts to be the nicer ones and the stocking gifts to be the junk stuff. Throwing everyone off and sticking some cool gear or toys in a stocking is a great surprise for anyone. Check out these ideas and come up with something fun to stuff in the stockings at your home. If for no other reason, just watching them wear that ugly beanie is worth it. Happy Holidays and happy hunting!

Sheriff Jason Mosher is a law enforcement generalist instructor as well as a firearms and tactical weapons trainer. Jason graduated from the FBI-LEEDA (Law Enforcement Executive Development Association) and serves as a Sheriff for his day job. When he’s not working, he’s on the range, eating steak, or watching Yellowstone.

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