Springfield Armory’s New Hellcat Pro 17-Round Magazines

Springfield Armory has expanded the accessories line for the Hellcat Pro to include the new 17-round magazines. These extended magazines add two more rounds for the proven concealed carry weapon, making it an even better option for 9mm users.

The new 17-round magazines for the Hellcat Pro can be used in place of the flush-fitting 15-round mags that were shipped with the pistols. Upping the capacity by those extra rounds does not add much to the overall height of the pistol either. If users opt to swap out to the 17-round mags, they will increase capacity up to 17+1, which is virtually unheard of with everyday carry 9mm pistols.

Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro magazines
Springfield Armory has released extended magazines for the Hellcat Pro family of 9mm pistols. These magazines take the impressive capacity of the 9mm pistol up to 17+1. They feature the same Adaptive Grip Texture of the host weapon for a seamless addition. The magazines have numbered witness holes on the back and are available in either black or FDE. [Photo credit: Springfield Armory]

Hellcat Pro 17 Round Magazine Features

The Hellcat Pro magazines feature extended base pads that match up with the profile. These basepads have the same Adaptive Grip Texture as the Hellcat to give a seamless addition. The extended magazine is said to enhance the ergonomics in addition to the round capacity.

“At its launch in early 2022, the Hellcat Pro quickly established itself as a pre-eminent 9mm EDC pistol for discerning users,” says Steve Kramer, Vice President of Marketing for Springfield Armory. “And with the addition of this new 17-round magazine, it has the benefit of even more capacity in a still extremely concealable package.”

The magazines are constructed from stainless steel so the user can rest easy knowing the magazine is durable and corrosion-resistant. According to Springfield Armory, the highly polished body of the magazines delivers effortless reloads. Witness holes on the back allow the user to easily and quickly see how many rounds are in each.

The 17-round extended magazines are available in either black or FDE so it is sure to color-match the host weapon. Regardless of the color of the 17-round magazine, the MSRP is the same at $42.99. The magazines are out now for purchase.

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