The New ETS Omega Glock 19 Magazine

Elite Tactical Systems, or ETS for short, is a first name in the magazine business. Their wares range from magazines for the MP5 and AR-15 to pistols. The Omega 9mm Glock 19 magazine is new to their Omega line of pistol magazines.

ets omega glock 19 magazine
ETS’s Omega line is expanding to include a magazine for the Glock 19. [ETS]
Elite Tactical Systems’ magazine selection is based around a translucent polycarbonate that is lightweight and strong, with the added benefit of allowing the user to see just how many rounds remain in the magazine. The Omega line is ETS’ clear polymer magazine line that includes options for guns like the Sig P320 and the Glock 18, amongst others. The ETS Omega Glock 19 magazine is a flush-fit 15-round magazine meant for the ubiquitous Glock 19 pistol, although it will fit the many clones on the market as well as some pistol caliber carbines.

The magazine features a conventional polymer baseplate and a red polymer follower with an industry-standard silicon steel spring in between. The magazine body is a clear Teflon polymer joined to a hardened steel feed lip assembly for maximum durability and reliability both inside and outside the pistol.

The new ETS Omega Glock 19 magazine is available anywhere 15-round magazines are legal at an MSRP of $25.99.

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