Rifle Dynamics AKM Build Class: Win an all-expense paid trip!

You don’t have to be one of the Kalashnicognoscenti to recognize the name Rifle Dynamics. Maybe you’re aware of their work: perhaps you’ve been of those who (like us) have longed to attend one of the legendary Rifle Dynamics AK (AKM) build classes in Las Vegas.

Well, that opportunity may have arrived!

Gunmag Warehouse and Rifle Dynamics have teamed up!

Rifle Dynamics AKM Build Class

Rifle Dynamics AK build class

It’s a contest. A big contest. Maybe the biggest contest.

AKM Build Class contest

Here’s how it works:

We’ll pick a winner. We’ll announce the winner. That winner will then receive an all-expense-paid trip to Vagas to attend the Rifle Dynamics AKM Build Class.

This 2-day immersive class will:

• Teach students how to build their own AK

• Dive deep into the history and Kalashniculture of the AK series of rifles

• Provide the opportunity to handle various AK platforms and learn their manual of arms

• Ultimately ship the contest winner’s own custom-built AK to the FFL of their choice. 

This giveaway will cover the cost of the trip, class fees (firearm included), food, room, and board.

There will be additional loot and swag, of course, including some additional prizes for second and third-place contest winners, including:

Custom AK 7.62×39 30-Round “Mag Lads” Magazines from Rifle Dynamics

Bulgarian AK 7.62×39 30-Round Reinforced Steel Lug Polymer Magazines

Whatever other AK parts and Kalashnigifts we can sort out.

Enter the AKM Build Class Contest:

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Giveaway ends: 04/30/2021

The winner will be announced on: 5/01/2021

Note: First place giveaway excludes residents of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and Maryland.

All local and federal firearm laws apply.

Read terms and conditions for full details.

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