Ready for Christmas? Holiday Deals for Gun Nuts

Christmas is inching closer and with the gift-giving and turkey-eating holidays comes sales of epic proportions. From Black Friday and Cyber Monday to last-minute flash deals, just about every retailer will offer some type of discount this holiday shopping season. That means finding a good deal isn’t hard, they are everywhere. But finding the right gift for the right person… Well, that’s another story. Some people are easy to shop for and others can be a challenge.

But if your significant other is into guns, hiking, camping, hunting, or anything in between, selecting the right gift for them is just a little easier. Here is a list (by category) with several options that could just make the perfect gift idea. And what’s even better is all these items can be purchased online from the comfort of your home. Put your shopping lists together now so you’re ready to snag your holiday deals as soon as they’re unwrapped!

Gun Guys and Gals

People who like all things guns are among the easiest to shop for. That’s because guns bring other needs with them. If you have a gun, you will always want ammunition, holsters, gun accessories, and so on. Here is a list of some things to consider for those gun enthusiasts.


If you own a gun, ammo is kind of a must. Not having ammo is like owning a car with no gas and that’s just no fun. Range trips require target ammo that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to shoot. Look at the price per round when purchasing a box to ensure you are getting the best deal. For 9mm ammo, Remington UMC, Blazer CCI, or Magtech offer some great prices.

Another option you might consider is some high-end personal defense ammo. Speer Gold Dot Personal Protection, Federal Premium HST or Hornady Critical Duty, and Critical Defense are all good choices for both handgun and rifle ammo offerings.

Remington UMC .223 FMJ.
Remington UMC ammo is a great general ammo for range and small game hunting. [Photo: Jason Mosher]
Here’s a short list of some of my favorite ammo offerings:

Rifle Target Ammo

Handgun Target Ammo

Rifle Defensive Ammo

Handgun Defensive Ammo

Armorer’s tools

At some point, people who own guns will want to make some kind of modification to them. AR-15 rifles, Glock handguns, AK-47s, shotguns, and even hunting rifles are among the most customizable guns out there. But to make changes to a gun, you’re going to need some special tools. Armorer’s tools are typically designed for a specific gun, so having some general tools in the garage doesn’t always work. Real Avid and Wheeler are among the best you can buy. The Master Armorer’s Kit by Real Avid has everything you need to build or work on an AR-15 rifle.

They also make several Armorer’s Bench blocks that are nice to have for AR-15 rifles and handguns. For those Glock owners, Real Avid makes several Sight Pushers for installing and removing Glock sights. They also have a handy little tool called the “Smart Mag Tool” which makes quick work of disassembling and maintaining Glock factory magazines. One of my favorite Real Avid tools is the AR-15 Smart Fit Vice Block. Punch sets, bench vices, and more are all great ideas for those who like to do their DIY gunsmithing.

TLDR, here’s a list of my favorite Armorer’s Tools:


Extra magazines are always nice to have. If a gun has a removable magazine, it’s likely the owner would appreciate more mags. For Glock handguns and PCC (pistol caliber carbines) guns that use Glock mags, I like the Mapul 27-round mag the best. It’s affordable and reliable. Plus, having 28 rounds of ammo (27-round mag plus one in the chamber) gives you a bit of an edge in home defense applications. If you just want to add extra standard capacity mags, Glock brand mags, or aftermarket mags like KCI, ETS, and Magpul all work great.

For AR-15s, there are tons of options in both metal and polymer mags. Lancer makes some of the best mags on the market, and Magpul PMAGs aren’t bad either. Both platforms are used by the military and have been proven time and time again to be very reliable. For something a little more “special,” however, I’d recommend checking out the ATI Schmeissier 60-round magazine. I’ve used them a lot on the range and never had them give me any problems. 60-round mags might not always be practical, but they sure are fun!

To find mags for a specific gun, check out the Magfinder tool on our home page!


Everyone tends to focus solely on the gun when choosing a weapon for CCW. But having a good holster is just as important as having a good handgun. Pre-molded plastic holsters are the most popular choice for IWB (inside the waist band) holsters right now and they’re not all that expensive. But they’re not all created equal, either. Be sure to select a holster that is made for a particular firearm make and model. A ton of companies like Safariland (a leading holster company) are now making IWB holsters for just about every handgun out there.

Holsters and bags.
Holsters, bags, and other gear are great ideas for Christmas gifts. [Photo: Jason Mosher]
Some gun enthusiasts also want a combat/duty-style outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster. You can buy the same types of holsters that police use for most of the popular duty weapons like Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, and more. If they just want a nice leather belt holster, those are again, easy to find from companies such as 1791, Galco, and Desantis.

Hunting Guys and Gals

There is a wide range of interests in the hunting world. Some folks are into bow hunting, black powder, or long-range shooting with a powerful bolt-action rifle. And don’t forget about turkey season with that big 12-gage shotgun blaster. But there are still some items that just about every hunter would appreciate. These include rangefinders, cold-weather gear, backpacks, and more. Here are some ideas for those hunters.


A rangefinder gives you the exact distance to the intended target with the push of a button. This is vital information for a hunter making a long-range shot. Burris, Vortex, and Sig Sauer all make quality rangefinders that work well in any hunting environment. The price, however, depends on the bells and whistles that are packed into the system. Some rangefinders will sync to your phone and give you all the ballistic data needed to make just about any shot. You can even enter the caliber you are shooting with so the rangefinder can account for the grain and velocity of your bullet. One of my favorite smart rangefinders is the Vortex Razor HD 4000.

Vortex Razor HD 400 Rangefinder.
The Vortex Razor HD is one of the smartest and best ballistic rangefinders I have seen for the price. [Photo: Jason Mosher]
Here’s a quick list of some of my favorite rangefinders:

Field Tools for Guns

Sometimes things don’t go as planned and you need to make an adjustment or quick fix in the woods. Small compact tool kits are a lifesaver when you’re a long distance from your vehicle. These little tool kits or multi-tools are easy to carry and contain some handy compact tools for working on your gun. Some of these kits are made for specific guns and others are just general rifle or handgun maintenance kits.

Camping Guys and Gals

Everyone loves camping. Okay, maybe not everyone, but a lot of people do. Getting away from the busy world and connecting with nature is relaxing. But we do live in the modern world with modern comforts. Many outdoorsmen like to take some of that modern world gear with them on their camping trips. Here are some ideas for people who love to camp.


Unless your version of camping is pulling a 5-star RV into the woods for some R&R time, a backpack is a must. Backpacks range in multiple sizes from small compact bags to large bags that will hold all your gear. If you’re not sure what size to get someone, go with a medium multi-purpose bag and they will love it. I have a ton of backpacks but when I see a new one, I still want to buy it.

Tactical backpack - the perfect go-bag
Tactical backpacks are an easy option for anyone into guns, hiking, hunting, shooting or any tactical gear. Take everything you need with you on those trips! [Photo: Jason Mosher]
Allen, Bulldog, and GPS make some affordable multi-purpose backpacks. GPS Outdoors and Maxpedition make some good larger backpacks for holding more gear. Many outdoorsmen are a bit of a gear junky and like to carry water bottles, first aid kits, and other items like a phone, wallets, car keys, and other essential EDC gear. So, ample storage space is a must.

TLDR? Here’s a list of the top five backpacks for any gun nut:

Streamlight LED Lanterns

Streamlight lanterns are great for camping because of their compact and easy-to-carry design. Made to sit on a tabletop, hang inside a tent, or carry with you on a walk, they’re about as versatile as it gets. The old-school lanterns require heavy (and dangerous) fuel, which can leak or explode/ignite if tipped over. But don’t worry, Streamlight has you covered with the battery-operated and heat-safe Siege and Siege Compact LED lanterns.

Streamlight Siege Lamp set.
Both sizes of lamps of the red/SOS setting. [Photo: Jason Mosher]
I own both and love them. The compact version is very small (just a few inches tall), but it’s so handy. It has a red light setting that extends battery life into the days of constant use and works great as a night light. For the full-size option, it’s great for hanging in a tent when you want a lot of light or sitting on your camping table. Both lights have multiple brightness settings, SOS/emergency, and red constant settings. I wouldn’t go camping without one (or both) of these.

Ready to shop?

Some like shopping and others don’t care for the decision-making and hassle of the whole process. But just about all of us have someone to buy a gift for this holiday season. If you like shopping, the fun of searching for that perfect gift can begin. If you don’t like shopping, the good thing is you can do just about all of it online and this list might help you narrow down your choices. No matter which side you fall on, the clock is ticking, and the deals are coming so get ready. And let me be the first to say Happy Holidays!

Sheriff Jason Mosher is a law enforcement generalist instructor as well as a firearms and tactical weapons trainer. Jason graduated from the FBI-LEEDA (Law Enforcement Executive Development Association) and serves as a Sheriff for his day job. When he’s not working, he’s on the range, eating steak, or watching Yellowstone.

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