Pulsar’s Merger Duo NV/Thermal Binoculars

Headquartered in Mansfield, Texas, Pulsar Optics is a foremost leader in night vision and thermal rifle scopes, sighting systems, and binoculars. Night vision and thermal technology work differently and seldom go together in a single platform. Pulsar is changing that with their new Merger Duo Binoculars with the inclusion of both night vision and thermal settings.

pulsar merger duo nightvision/thermal binoculars
The new Pulsar Duo gives you the best of both worlds with night vision and thermal capacity. [Pulsar]
Night vision optics work by absorbing existing light sources, including moonlight and starlight, to cut through the darkness. But for those occasions where there is not enough ambient light to collect, thermal optics are the best choice. These optics focus on temperature differences in the atmosphere to create a digital picture of what is out there.

The new Merger Duo NXP50 covers both scenarios. The Duo, like other optics in the Merger line, is constructed of a durable and lightweight 7075 series aluminum housing and comes equipped with multi-coated fogproof lenses. Its thermal channel features a 640×480 pixel resolution and is powered by a 17-micron Lynred sensor. The night vision channel has a finer 1920×1200 resolution and uses a sensitive CMOS sensor to hold the most light and capture the best detail. For situations with absolute darkness, the Duo uses a 940nm infrared illuminator that is position adjustable.

screen display pulsar merger duo
An image of a beautiful bull elk taken from the Merger Duo binoculars. [Pulsar]
The display screen in the eyepiece has a picture-by-picture setting, allowing you to capture and see thermal and night vision imagery simultaneously. With these advanced features, Pulsar states that the new Merger Duo can detect a 6-foot tall object at 2,000 yards in pitch-black conditions.

The binoculars come with two rechargeable batteries that can put out up to 10 hours of life on a single charge. The new Merger Duo is now available for preorder at an MSRP of $6,488.89.

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