Pulsar XQ30 Pro Thermal Monocular: New for 2024

Pulsar has announced its upgraded thermal imaging monocular with the new Axion XQ30 Pro. The new XQ30 Pro is an update from the popular XM30F, featuring a smaller package with an expanded field of view.

According to Pulsar, the new XQ30 Pro is the most compact model in the company’s product offerings, making the pocket-sized model perfect for outdoor folks. But don’t confuse the small sizing with lack of performance. The model fits in the palm of the hand and offers users a thermal view with smart button placement for easy use with either hand.

Pulsar XQ30 Pro thermal monocular
Pulsar announced the release of the new XQ30 Pro thermal monocular. This unit is a smaller and upgraded version of the XM30F, with a larger field of view, palm-of-the-hand sizing, and ambidextrous control buttons. [Photo credit: Pulsar]
The XQ30 Pro employs a bigger and more sensitive European-made Lynred sensor with NETD <25mK technology, which delivers a detailed thermal image with all the image detail the user would want. This cutting-edge technology translates to what the company refers to as an enhanced overall experience of all outdoor adventures.

The new XQ30 Pro has an expanded field of view with a staggering 13.3° of view. The large field of view is considered one of the standout features of the new model, helping it set itself apart from its counterparts. The field of view in the thermal monocular lets users quickly see heat signatures within a large area while maintaining their situational awareness.

Another key feature of the new XQ30 Pro thermal monocular is that it brings together functionality with a user-friendly design, making it a breeze to use regardless of experience. The upgraded technology and improved sensor technology make it a valuable tool that is reliable and easy to use.

The Pulsar XQ30 Pro made its public debut at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2024 in Nuremberg, Germany. Pulsar has not released specifics on the new thermal monocular just yet, but it is said to be at the same price level as its predecessor, the XM30F, and should be available soon.

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