New Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup Air Rifle

Air Venturi recently announced the newest addition to their popular Avenger PCP Air Rifle line-up, the Avenger Bullpup. This newest Avenger joins a long list of air rifles from Air Venturi.

Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup
Air Venturi announced the newest addition to their popular Avenger line of PCP Air Rifles, the Avenger Bullpup available in three different calibers.

“After the initial success we had with the synthetic stock Avenger rifle, we listened to the customer feedback and the consensus was clear that they wanted a wood stock version, and they wanted a Bullpup” explained Air Venturi President, Val Gamerman. “We were happy to launch a wood stock version of the rifle early in 2021, but our real excitement and focus has been on this Bullpup version.”

bullpup air rifle
The Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup Air Rifle is chambered in three different options: .177, .2, or .25. All three models come in at around 33” long from muzzle to buttpad, nearly 10” shorter than previous Avenger models, and just as easy to use.

This new Avenger Bullpup comes in three chambering options: .177, .22, and .25. The Bullpup version comes in almost a full 10” shorter than the other options at around 33” in overall length lending itself to maneuverability and ease of use in most situations for the user. “Another change we know customers will love is a new polymer that has been used to create the Bullpup stock, it has a higher quality look and feel to it compared to the original synthetic stock on the rifle,” says Gamerman.

picatinny rail on bullpup air rifle
The Avenger Bullpup boasts four separate Picatinny rails for ease of adding optics, lights, lasers, bipods, and more thus making this bullpup air rifle very customizable.

Not only is the upgraded stock new, but it also includes the ability for storing two additional magazines in the stock. Additionally, it has a four-position adjustable cheek piece and a tool-free vertically adjustable rubber buttpad.

The front boasts a 10” long Picatinny scope rail to allow for different additions to bring the total of four fore end picatinny rails for adding bipods, lights, or whatever strikes your fancy. The Avenger Bullpup also has a standard side lever action and a male quick disconnect fill fitting.

customizable bullpup air rifle
Not only can the user customize the Avenger Bullpup with the Picatinny rails, but it also has externally adjustable ports for the regulator as well as an adjustable hammer spring, trigger, cheekpiece, and vertically adjustable buttpad. Making this Bullpup air rifle able to meet any user’s needs.

As for internals, the Avenger Bullpup has standard dual pressure gauges for regulator and fill pressure, so getting to that sweet spot for the shooter is even easier. Not only can the user adjust the regulator externally, but the Bullpup has a standard externally adjustable hammer spring allowing the shooter to adjust their trigger to their liking. All that comes in handy with shooting speeds of over 1000 fps in .177 caliber, over 900 fps in .22 and .25 calibers.

The Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup air rifle is available for preorder now at $399.99.

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