M9A4: Beretta’s Fourth Generation M9

Beretta USA has announced the latest variant of its M9 Pistol series, the M9A4. It brings a new optics-cut slide, threaded barrel, and Vertec frame to the mix. Here’s some of what Beretta had to say about it: 

Beretta M9A4

Some Background

The M9A4 is a variant of the company’s Model 92 line, which dates to the 1970s. The M9 designator comes from the variant adopted by the U.S. Army in 1984. The M9 is now in its fourth generation as far as Beretta is concerned. This newest branch in the family tree is a full-sized gun with a red-dot optic compatible slide and dovetailed tritium night sights. 

Beretta M9A4

Berettal M9A4 promotion GIF

Inside the slim Vertec-series frame — with the same aggressively texturized grips as seen on the 92X — is an enhanced short reset Xtreme trigger system. Black surface controls are offset by a flat dark earth frame, barrel, and slide. The new Beretta M9A4 features an enhanced short reset Xtreme Trigger System with DLC Coated fire control, a short reset trigger, and a “G” style decock-only slide rather than the “F” style safety/decocker.

Beretta M9A4 right sight

Beretta M9A4 left side

Beretta M9A4 posterior view

The red-dot ready M9A4 features integral slide cuts to allow for the mounting of optional optic plate styles. Customers can purchase one of five different plates that mount the most popular optics on the market today. Other features include a three-slot Picatinny accessory rail for lights and lasers.

Beretta M9A4 specs

Quotes on the M9A4

“After several years of feedback, research, and development, we are proud to bring the latest version of the M9 series pistol to the market and show the ultimate evolution of the venerable M9 series,” said Erik Stern, Beretta’s Tactical and Pro Shop Product Manager. 

“We are excited to bring the M9A4 to market incorporating the latest advancements in 90 series pistols to date with a red-dot ready slide, an enhanced short reset Xtreme Trigger System, and a higher capacity magazine offering.” 

The Beretta M9A4 has an MSRP of $1,099 and ships in 10 (for restrictive states) and 15-round magazine capacities with a new 18-round magazine available.


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One thought on “M9A4: Beretta’s Fourth Generation M9

  1. Beretta is crap and so is their new M9A4. I bought one of these in October and the machining of the slide was entirely unacceptable. Jagged edges everywhere. Looks like it was crafted with a hammer and a chisel instead of CNC.Trigger was sluggish to reset and the slide didn’t like to fully return to battery.

    Beretta refused to send out a new slide. Refused to commit to any resolution. Told me to send it in and they’d “look at it” with a 12+ week turnaround time.

    Beretta’s USA manufacturing is unacceptable. Their service is unacceptable. The M9A4 is unacceptable.



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