InfiRay USA Introduces the New Finder V2 Thermal Rangefinder

InfiRay USA of Lewisville, Texas is updating its lineup of popular thermal sighting systems. Range estimation with any optic can be hit or miss and InfiRay is also introducing the second version of their FINDER thermal rangefinder.

Like other rangefinders, the InfiRay FINDER V2 is a handheld monocular device. But that is where the similarities end. It features a 640×512 thermal sensor and a 3×35 f/0.9 lens that is ideal for picking up game at extended ranges and in all lighting conditions.

iray usa thermal rangefinder
InfiRay’s field-proven FINDER thermal rangefinder is now updated to version 2.0. [InfiRay USA]
“A high-resolution thermal viewer with a rangefinder for $2,500 — the value of this product is impressive,” said Pliny Gale, InfiRay USA Director of Marketing. “There is a lot packed into the FINDER V2. Whether you are a coyote hunter, hog hunter, or you are interested in personal security, the FINDER is an excellent tool for detecting heat signatures, identifying targets, and determining their range in a single device.”

The FINDER V2 comes with two IBP-2 batteries that give it up to three hours of operating life. That life can be extended thanks to the FINDER’s standby setting that uses motion-sensing technology to turn the rangefinder on or off when not in use. In addition, the viewing screen automatically powers off and wakes up depending on how close the user’s eye is to the eyepiece.

The new FINDER V2 has up to 4x optical magnification and can range out to eight hundred yards, but the maximum distance for thermal detection is 1,750 yards. This new offering from InfiRay USA is now available and has an MSRP of $2,499.99.

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