Guns That Accept Glock Mags: They Just Keep Coming

Everyone has an opinion on which magazine is better than the other. But it’s hard to ignore the fact that Glock magazines are the most universal and popular magazine for handguns and PCCs. If you want two types of magazines for all your rifles, pistols, and carbines, AR-15 mags and Glock mags will do the trick. A lot of major companies that make their own magazines for their guns now offer Glock conversion kits.

If they don’t offer them, aftermarket companies do. The list of guns that take Glock mags keeps growing and that’s not a bad thing. I don’t mind most of the other mags I have for guns, but at some point, it gets hard keeping track of them. I like to have a minimum of four mags for any handgun I own and when they’re all different it’s just downright annoying. Even when I use a white marker, they were hard to keep sorted.

Life would be easier if one magazine worked in all my pistol caliber guns. I keep an eye out for guns that accept Glock magazines or have conversion kits for them. I recently did this with an MPA-30 (MAC-11 style gun). There are so many guns now that accept Glock mags, I won’t even try mentioning them all. In this article, we will talk about some of the ones I have or want to have that accept Glock mags.

Glock mags are not just popular in the handgun world, they are preferred for many PCC weapons. Glock’s high-capacity mags and aftermarket mags are almost more popular than standard pistol capacity mags. I have several AR-15 rifles chambered in 9mm that accept Glock mags and the agency I work for even issued such weapons to the deputies.

Guns that accept Glock magazines.
A lot of guns on the market accept Glock mags. [Photo: Jason Mosher]
There is a benefit to grabbing a rifle platform that accepts magazines from your duty belt. The same idea is true with a vest/plate carrier or your doomsday combat belt. I know several people that carry a G19 for CCW and a PCC in their vehicle. They keep several high-capacity Glock mags so they can use them with either gun.

I also like AR-15 rifles, so having a vest set up to hold both AR mags and Glock mags is ideal. It allows me to grab any gun I need and have loaded mags on my vest that work with it. I won’t get into brands of AR platforms that accept Glock mags because there are lots of them.

My excitement about guns that take Glock mags is not because of the magazine itself. There are lots of good mags out there and some higher-capacity brands like Scorpion are probably better. But there is a benefit to having multiple guns that all use the same mags. And like it or not, Glock-style mags have become the go-to mag for across-the-board compatibility.

Awesome Guns That Accept Glock Mags

Not everyone is a Glock fan, but you can’t deny their dependability. Because of this, a lot of gun owners choose to own a Glock pistol if not several. If you own Glock handguns, then having other guns that accept their magazine is beneficial. Here are just a few guns that accept Glock mags that I like to shoot:

Fallout-PCW by Black Rain Ordinance

Built on the AR-15 platform, this AR pistol keeps the controls and style you are used to when shooting a standard AR-15 rifle. It has a flared magwell to make mag changes easy and unlike many 9mm AR pistols, it has a last-round bolt catch. I ordered mine with a Maxum Defense arm brace and Daniel Defense grip. There is just enough room on the low-profile handguard to attach a light, laser, or sling mount. This is one of the smoothest shooting guns I have owned.

Draco NAC-9 AK pistol

If you like AK-47-style guns and want a small pistol that shoots Glock mags, the NAK-9 is a great option. This gun has the feel of an AK-47 but is chambered in 9mm and takes Glock or aftermarket Glock mags. I shot this one with a drum and had a blast. Some guys like the AK style better than the AR so this gun allows them to keep that same familiar setup in a handgun caliber.

Draco Nak 9 AK pistol.
The Draco Nak 9 is an AK-style pistol that accepts Glock mags. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

Ruger PC Charger/Carbine

Ruger either misses or hits a home run with their guns and the PC Charger and Carbine were both home runs. The Charger is the shorter version of the carbine, and it takes Ruger mags. But guess what Ruger also sells for $32.95 — a Glock magwell conversion kit. The carbine also offers the same option and is a great-looking rifle when equipped with a 50-round Magpul drum.

MPA30 Defender

This is a gun I used to laugh at because it’s more of a Hollywood prop gun than anything else. But once I got my hands on one and started upgrading parts to it, I started to like it more. It’s fun to shoot and with a laser attached, you can easily hit targets without using the small iron sights. I upgraded the grip to accept Glock mags so I would not have to buy MPA mags for it. This gun is small and compact and makes a great weapon to keep around the house.

The MPA-30 Defender with upgrades.
MPA-30 Defender with a Glock-compatible grip and short handguard. [Photo: Jason Mosher]


I have an earlier model of B&T, so it doesn’t accept Glock mags but this one is on my radar. B&T sub guns are among the best you can find. They are built like tanks and are extremely reliable. Their price also reflects that reliability, and the gun is not the only thing that is expensive. Magazines run anywhere from $45 – $100 or more for B&T guns. With the PRO-G you can use the mags you already have loaded up on your vest.

The new ACP45 PRO-G is a B&T that comes ready for Glock mags. [Photo: Gun Digest]

Ready to Glock it up?

There are a ton more guns that accept Glock mags and gun companies are continuing to use them as the universal standard for pistol caliber weapons. OEM mags are on the high end of the price scale but ETS, KCI, Magpul, and others all make affordable aftermarket Glock magazines that work just as well. In fact, Magpul makes a 27-round magazine for 9mm Glock compatible guns that are awesome, and they sell for under $20. Again, you don’t have to be a Glock fan to see the advantage of guns that are compatible with Glock mags. They are cheap, easy to find, and the most universal pistol caliber magazine on the planet.

Sheriff Jason Mosher is a law enforcement generalist instructor as well as a firearms and tactical weapons trainer. Jason graduated from the FBI-LEEDA (Law Enforcement Executive Development Association) and serves as a Sheriff for his day job. When he’s not working, he’s on the range, eating steak, or watching Yellowstone.

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