Known as “the eclectic one,” it’s probably easier to tell you what she hasn’t done. Meghan is an accomplished professional, consultant, wife, competitive shooter, researcher, writer, proud Army mother, and instructor. Her day job keeps her quite busy, but in the evenings and weekends, you are likely to find her outside on adventures with her horses, teaching a wide range of firearms classes, hosting shooting events, practicing fine art, and building a weird set of emergency skills that may or may not come in handy someday. There is no question she’s beneficial to have on a trivia team and is likely to be high up on anyone’s zombie survival lists. You can follow her on her Instagram account (@SmackRackandRoll) which is a play on words with firearms but also incorporates her former roller derby moniker from an internationally competitive team.

Females and Firearms Series: Why the Choice Needs to be Yours

To all the women out there considering their own firearm: may your choices always be yours, your confidence unshaken, and your safety prioritized.

Females and Firearms Series: A Candid Take on SHOT Show from a Female’s Perspective

Howdy shooters! I've just touched down back home in Indiana after the annual Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in the dazzling city of Las Vegas. This year's event was a real eye-opener — I've got the lowdown on what went on at SHOT Show — the gear, the trends, and the vibes that made it stand out.

New Shooter Series: Why You Should Take a Shooting Class

For new shooters, it's hard navigating the first steps of gun ownership. Here's why you should take a shooting class, what to expect, and things to consider before taking one.

New Shooter Series: How To Find a Great Range

Finding a range to suit your needs be difficult. Here are a few things I like to consider when evaluating a range for membership or frequent visits.

Females and Firearms Series: How to Become Comfortable Carrying a Firearm

When it comes to concealed carry, an often overlooked question that women frequently ask is, “How do I get comfortable carrying a firearm?” Fortunately, that can be resolved through education. Let's talk about the factors that cause discomfort in concealed carry, and how to overcome them.

Women’s History Month: A Brief History of Women in the Military and Police

The history of women in the United States is incredibly diverse, and women have come so far in regard to rights and roles! In honor of Women’s History month, I’d like to highlight just a few of the areas that women have played a role in over the course of history—namely in the areas of the military and policing.

New Shooter Series: A Handy Guide To Buying Your First Gun

Your visit to a local gun store as a newer shooter to acquire a gun should be a pleasant, fun experience, not a stressful, overwhelming one. Here are some ways to prepare in advance to make a choice that is best for you.

Females and Firearms: Let’s Get More Women Into Competitive Shooting

The unfortunate truth is that women are underrepresented in the shooting sports. Here are some ways to break down some of the barriers.

Females and Firearms Series: A Proven Technique to Rack Your Slide Confidently

If you find yourself struggling to rack the slide on a semi-automatic handgun, you'll want to learn this technique. Rack your slide like a boss!

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