Females and Firearms Series: A Quick Review of the Sig Sauer Rose Edition

As a female firearms instructor who’s passionate about empowering fellow enthusiasts and newer shooters, I’m thrilled to share a few quick thoughts on the Sig Sauer Rose firearm package. Designed with precision and tailored ergonomics, this package aims to cater to the needs of women in the firearms community—specifically, those who are newer to the industry. For those more experienced, it’s a refreshing take on a desirable firearm.

The complete Rose kit comes with a few notable features:

  • The Sig Sauer Rose P365-XL, with an optic-ready slide, laser engraved grip, and rose accents
  • Two 12-round steel magazines and a sleek loader
  • Black dummy rounds
  • Vaultek Lifepod Pistol Safe
  • Quick Reference Guide and QR Code for Online Videos
Contents of the Sig Sauer Rose edition boxed set
The special edition box includes the firearm, a quick-access safe, two magazines, a loader, dummy rounds, a cable lock, and instructions!


  1. Ergonomic Design: The Sig Sauer Rose package excels in its ergonomic considerations. The firearm’s grip is crafted with a slimmer profile, comfortably accommodating smaller hands—a significant advantage for many female shooters who often struggle with standard grip sizes.
  2. Customizable Features: This package allows for adjustments to fit individual preferences. The modularity of components ensures customization for a personalized shooting experience. From adjustable sights to an optic-ready slide and a small rail, users can tailor the firearm to suit their unique shooting style.
  3. Reliability and Performance: Sig Sauer’s reputation for reliability and performance is evident in this package. The firearm’s accuracy and durability make it an excellent choice for both seasoned shooters and those new to the world of firearms. At a recent women’s only shooting group event, I asked experienced and less-experienced shooters to try it out and let me know what they thought. Each enjoyed the smooth shooting experience, were happy with how it fit their hand, and were overall impressed with the quality.
  4. Attention to Aesthetics: The Rose edition pays attention to aesthetics without compromising functionality. The visually appealing design, including the rose gold accents, provides an elegant touch that appeals to many female shooters without sacrificing the firearm’s capabilities. The laser-engraved grip and sleek rose gold accents are a subtle, classy touch, rather than the typical “pink it and shrink it” look.
  5. Instruction from Lena Miculek and Clear Packaging: The package’s added value lies in the inclusion of comprehensive instructions (online videos) from Lena, a renowned firearms competitor. Lena’s guidance provides invaluable insights, especially for newer shooters, ensuring a better understanding of the firearm and its handling. Additionally, the packaging includes clear and easy-to-understand documentation detailing the contents of the box (“Quick Reference Guide”), simplifying the ease of handling for those less familiar with firearms and traditional packaging.  It can be overwhelming when a new owner opens a box and sees a lot of accessories staring back at them!
Side views of the Sig Sauer P365-XL Rose
The Sig Rose Edition is remarkably pleasing from an aesthetic point of view!


  1. Limited Availability of Accessories: While the firearm itself is well-designed, the availability of accessories tailored specifically for the Rose package might be somewhat limited compared to more mainstream models. This could slightly restrict options for customization and add-ons.  As a stand-alone firearm, it excels straight out of the box.
  2. Price Point: As with many high-quality firearms, the Sig Sauer Rose package tends to be priced at a premium. While the quality justifies the cost for serious enthusiasts or those looking to spoil the women in their lives, it might present a barrier for entry-level shooters or those on a tighter budget.
Sig Sauer P365-XL Rose ready for the range
The Rose shoots well on the range, with Sig Sauer’s known functionality.

The Sig Sauer Rose firearm package, supplemented by Lena’s instructional insights and user-friendly documentation, stands out as a commendable choice for female shooters seeking a well-crafted, ergonomic, and reliable firearm. Its tailored design and attention to detail, combined with guidance from an experienced instructor, make it a compelling option in the market.

While considerations such as limited accessory availability and price exist, the overall quality and performance of this package make it a valuable investment for those passionate about firearms.

Various women shooting the Sig Sauer P365-XL Rose
The Sig Rose was enjoyed by all who tried it!

Remember, finding the right firearm is a deeply personal journey. I encourage potential users to explore various options, considering factors such as comfort, fit, and intended use to make an informed decision that aligns with their shooting needs and preferences.

Known as “the eclectic one,” it’s probably easier to tell you what she hasn’t done. Meghan is an accomplished professional, consultant, wife, competitive shooter, researcher, writer, proud Army mother, and instructor. Her day job keeps her quite busy, but in the evenings and weekends, you are likely to find her outside on adventures with her horses, teaching a wide range of firearms classes, hosting shooting events, practicing fine art, and building a weird set of emergency skills that may or may not come in handy someday. There is no question she’s beneficial to have on a trivia team and is likely to be high up on anyone’s zombie survival lists. You can follow her on her Instagram account (@SmackRackandRoll) which is a play on words with firearms but also incorporates her former roller derby moniker from an internationally competitive team.

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