Griffin Armament: Low-Pro RIGID rails (Gen 2)

Griffin Armament just launched its second-generation M-LOK compatible Low-Pro RIGID rails. The company says the new rails are re-engineered to make installation more user-friendly while maintaining the original slim, low-profile, ultralight handguard features.

These new rails are also designed for increased rigidity and durability. In the manufacturing process, custom extrusion provides internal reinforcement for reduced flex when gripping the carbine firmly in the shoulder pocket. 

Here’s how Griffin explains it:

Understanding the importance of low light targeting, these reinforcements provide rigid mounting for IR laser aimers ensuring minimal POI shift when torque is applied to fore-grip type accessories, or when loads are applied to the rail such as practical shooting off barricades or when loading bipods for rapid follow up shots. Internal practical testing showed 70% less POI shift with laser aimers versus competing “slim rails”. Carefully positioned geometry in the rail allow for rapid cooling when shooting rapidly. 

Low-Pro RIGID rail
The Low-Pro RIGID rail features a close tolerance, heavy-duty, 17-4 stainless steel H900 heat treated barrel nut, which
can be easily installed to the specified 55 ft/lbs with the included Griffin GI Armorers Wrench.

The slip fit clamp design is extremely user-friendly and doesn’t require any shims or special timing methods. The clamp boss in the rear section of the rail is low profile and ergonomically pleasing even for long durations of extended carry at static security positions. Flat head T15 Torx screws should be tightened to 25/in pounds.

Griffin LowPro Rigid rails Gen 2 Picatinny QD Swivel mount, M-LOK slots, accessories.
The included 45-degree Picatinny QD Swivel Mount is installed on the top Picatinny rail to the end-users desired position. M-LOK slots are at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions that allow for mounting of your favorite M-LOK accessories.
Griffin's Low-Pro Rigid rails for AR15-type firearms are rich in features and made in America.
Griffin’s Low-Pro Rigid rails for AR15-type firearms are rich in features and made in America.

Griffin Armament is offering these rails in four lengths: 8.6″, 10.5″, 13.5″, and 15″.

More information in the video below:

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