FN 502 “Optics Ready” .22LR Pistol: Perfect for Plinking?

Today we (well those of us who enjoy plinking or are FN aficionados) woke up with exciting news from FN: the FN 502, their first-ever .22 LR pistol (and one that is optics-ready).  You might recall FN from such hits as the P90, the FN Five-Seven, the Uzi, or even a little something they call the SCAR — so you might understand why so many folks out there are reacting with such stoke.

The arrival of the FN 502 is excellent news for two groups of shooters; first, those who don’t like to (or can’t or won’t)break the bank when they go to the range, and second, those shooters who are otherwise intimidated by larger calibers.

Let’s jump into the release, and you can decide for yourself if the FN502 is proper cause to be chuffed.

The FN 502 optics ready .22lr pistol

FN 502 22lr Optics-Ready Pistol

Via the formal release

FN America, LLC, the leader in optics-ready pistols, proudly introduces the company’s first-ever .22 LR pistol, the FN 502 Tactical. The latest innovation in the optics-ready pistol space is the industry’s first slide-mounted red dot on a rimfire handgun.

Additionally, the FN 502 Tactical features an optics-mounting system inspired by the company’s patented FN Low-Profile Optics Mounting System and offers unmatched sighting options with co-witness sights.

“We set out to accomplish two primary goals with the FN 502 Tactical – to create a .22 LR pistol with the advanced features and superior accuracy of our current pistol line-up and deliver a pistol designed for maximum fun on the range. We feel like we’ve met both of these objectives handily,” said Mark Cherpes, President and CEO for FN America, LLC.

The FN 502 optics ready .22lr pistol

“When a customer shoots an FN 502 Tactical for the first time, we’ve seen nothing but pure excitement. FN’s new rimfire handgun has obvious, universal appeal, whether you’re a new shooter looking to master the basics or an advanced user expecting peak performance from FN. The new FN 502 Tactical performs on every level.”

The smooth, single-action hammer-fired pistol with its best-in-class trigger combined with its high-capacity 15-round magazine, superior ergonomics, perfect balance, and ambidextrous controls, all a nod to the FN 509® family of pistols, make the FN 502 Tactical perfect for high round count training sessions.

“FN constantly studies the market to fill unmet customer needs and saw a large gap to fill with our new semi-auto rimfire handgun,” said Chris Cole, Vice President, Sales & Marketing at FN America, LLC. “Most rimfire handguns in this category are smaller, lack capacity and accuracy enablers. With the FN 502 Tactical, we applied the standout features of the FN 509 Tactical to this new rimfire to deliver a shooting experience, unlike any other .22 LR handgun. With an exceptional trigger, 15-round magazine, and the ability to quickly mount most micro red dots or suppressors, the FN 502 Tactical is the most capable rimfire pistol right out of the box.”

Sporting FN’s signature Tactical feature set, the pistol’s 4.6-inch barrel with recessed target-crown is the threaded 1/2×28-inch pitch to accept most .22 suppressors. As a result, the FN 502 Tactical performs like a robust-style target pistol, delivering fast, accurate rounds on target with more versatility than any other rimfire on the market.

FN 502 10-Round Magazine (L) and FN-502 15-Round Magazine (R)

Designed for maximum fun, FN’s hammer-fired .22 LR delivers more accuracy and versatility than any other rimfire handgun. Mounting a favorite red dot optic and cycling a wide range of .22 LR ammo makes a low-cost range day a high-end experience.

The FN 502 Tactical, shipping to FN authorized retailers now, comes standard in a hard case with (1) 15-round high-capacity magazine and (1) 10-round flush-fit magazine along with the necessary plates to mount compatible miniature red dot optics. Additionally, due to its similarity in ergonomics to the FN 509, the FN 502 Tactical will fit in most FN 509 Tactical holsters.

Four iconic firearms from FN.

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