Federal Ammunition’s New 30 Super Carry Punch

Federal Ammunition has announced the latest addition to its Punch self-defense family of ammunition with the 30 Super Carry. Punch ammunition was designed from the beginning as a self-defense round, as was the 30 Super Carry, so the merging of the two into one load was a natural one.

“With the successful launch of 30 Super Carry, we are incorporating feedback from end users on additional loads they’d like to see,” said Federal’s Handgun Product Line Director Nick Sachse. “Some matchups are meant to be, and we are excited to offer now Punch in 30 Super Carry.”

Federal Ammunition 30 Super Carry Punch ammo
Federal’s 30 Super Carry Punch load marries the Super Carry and Punch ammunition with a 103-grain jacketed hollow point that matches the stopping power of a 9mm Luger but with less recoil. Users can get up to three more rounds of 30 Super Carry Punch in a magazine when compared to 9mm Luger. [Photo credit: Federal Ammuntion}
With both the Punch and 30 Super Carry designed for performance in specific circumstances, the combination provides easy-to-shoot and real-world effectiveness shooters want. Specifically, the Punch was made to perform through common barriers while the 30 Super Carry was made to deliver 9mm power with less recoil for personal defense situations. According to Federal’s testing, the 30 Super Carry Punch provides the same power as a 9mm Luger round but has significantly less felt recoil.

“The 30 Super Carry Punch focuses on the benefit of reduced recoil, while providing balanced terminal performance of penetration and expansion, and working well through all barrel lengths,” explained Sachse.

The 30 Super Carry Punch has a skived jacket, according to Federal, and a soft lead core projectile that can provide the ideal expansion and penetration a shooter would need for protection.  The round has a quality brass case and sealed primer that provides reliable feeding and ignition. What’s more, the slimmed-down case allows for up to three more rounds of magazine capacity compared to 9mm Luger rounds.

The 103-grain 30 Super Carry Punch ammunition is available in 20-count boxes with an MSRP of $26.99.

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