DS40: the “Travis Tomasie” Competition Pistol

MasterPiece Arms has announced their newest competition pistol, the MPA DS40 Travis Tomasie (TT) Competition Pistol (DS4))

Scroll down to see what MasterPiece Arms had to say about it.

The DS40 TT Comp Pistol on a stand facing right.
As the name suggests, the gun was designed based on the preferences of professional shooter Travis Tomasie.

The DS40 Comp Pistol

The DS40 TT Comp Pistol is chambered in 40 S&W and meets Major Power Factor scoring under the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) and the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC).

“We were excited to work with Travis to create this competition-ready pistol,” commented Phil Cashin, owner, and president of MPA. “Travis’ years of experience and knowledge in the competitive shooting marketplace helped us hone in on what features matter most when it comes to competition. We’ve created something really special here that we think any competitor in USPSA or IPSC will find value in.”

A close up of the DS40's barrel and trigger guard.
Providing “incredible” accuracy and reliability (as they describe it), the specific features for this pistol include aggressive texturing on the MPA Grip. Go through a couple of cases of Speer Lawman .40 with it next time you’re on the range and see if it mitigates all that sweat. 
The DS40 on a stand facing away from the camera, showing the hammer.
The texturing helps shooters keep a firm grip on their firearms during fast-paced competitions. It also includes traditional dovetail cuts for the adjustable front and rear sights, a Bomar-style rear sight, competition magwell (for 140mm mags or larger – incorporates a self-centering radius funnel design), and two MBX 140mm 40 Cal magazines. It is ideal for USPSA Limited Division.
Another shot of the DS40 facing away from the camera but turned the other direction.
“I’m proud to have partnered with MPA in developing a truly remarkable competition pistol. Built to my specifications and combining superior components with precision craftsmanship, the DS40 TT Comp Pistol is ready to race right out of the box,” Tomasie said.

As with all DS Pistols, all MPA DS40 TT Comp Pistol parts are machined in the USA from barstock and billet and include no MIM, castings, or forgings.  The components machined by MPA include the full-length steel, light rail five-inch frame, slide, MPA 416R stainless bull barrel, stainless steel beavertail/grip safety, stainless steel ambidextrous safety, stainless steel slide stop, firing pin stop, ejector, magwell, and a 7075 black anodized aluminum grip.

The DS40 from the rear showing off the hammer and the grip.
The DS40 TT Comp Pistol includes a Koenig hammer, sear, disconnector, Wolff Springs, custom machined aluminum trigger shoe, and a one-piece stainless guide rod.

The Pistol features a 2.5 lb. trigger pull. It will ship with a pull weight between 2 lbs. 6 oz. – 2 lbs. 10 oz. and will relax to 2 lbs. after the gun is broken in. The FGW slide serrations with slide cuts create less reciprocating mass.  Each gun is hand-built, including lapping the slide/frame interface, and comes competition-ready in a custom MPA single pistol case with a lifetime warranty.

Travis Tomasie

Tomasie on the range with the DS40.

Tomasie is a multiple World- and National- IPSC and USPSA champion. He is an Army Veteran and former member of the US Army Marksmanship Unit. He has been featured and prominently starred on TV’s “MythBusters,” “Shooting USA,” “Gallery of Guns,” and a host of other shows.

In addition, Tomasie founded his training academy, where he teaches various students in many segments, including competition, self-defense, beginners, and military and law enforcement. Tomasie has coached and mentored many of today’s top shooters to remarkable success, including numerous national championship victories, one of the most dynamic and engaging teachers in the industry. 

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