Derya TM22 LA Lever Action .22lr Carbine

In the post-SHOT Show lull, IWA in Germany is a great pick-me-up. Derya, a Turkey-based division of Israeli company IWI, showed its upgraded TM22 rifle, the TM22 LA. This lever action .22lr rifle is the only one on the market that is magazine fed. Yes, you read that right.

Derya TM22 LA Lever Action rifle
Derya, the Turkey-based firearms manufacturer, has released an upgraded version of the TM22 rifle, as a lever action in the TM22 LA. To date, this is the only lever action magazine fed .22lr carbine available. (Photo credit: TFB)

With the popularity of .22lr caliber rifles, a magazine-fed lever action carbine is not entirely niche and would be a fun rifle to shoot. According to reports about the TM-22 LA (Lever Action model), the rifle will be available with 18” or 20” barrels. Additionally, the TM-22 LA works with all of the TM-22 magazines, regardless of whether the magazine is polymer or aluminum.

The TM-22 LA rifle uses the company-designed stock that is also used on the Derya pump-action shotguns. It has an extension present on the stock with another inside the box, the end user is able to be swapped out as the end user needs. On the top of the stock is an adjustable cheek pad for extra customizations.

Derya TM22 LA stock
The TM22 LA from Derya comes with two stock extensions, one installed and one in the box, to help the end user customize the fit of the rifle. It also features an adjustable cheek pad for additional fit. (Photo credit: TFB)

The barrel on the rifle comes threaded out of the box, making the rifle suppressor ready, with standard threads of ½x28. The barrel also features a Picatinny rail on the top and fixed sights for an added touch of accuracy. The rifle comes with two 10-round magazines, but aftermarket 15- and 25-round magazines are available from the TM-22 line of accessories.

Derya TM22 LA barrel
Suppressor-ready out of the box, the barrel of the TM22 LA is threaded in the universal 1/2×28 threads. The carbine will be available in many colors to choose from. (Photo credit: TFB)

The rifle is not yet available in the States, but they hope to have it at the media day for SHOT Show 2024 and in the country in 2024. The hang-up is getting the paperwork for import to the US finished and approved. The rifle will be available in multiple colors. Options include black, OD Green, Purple, Gold, Bronze, Sniper Green, Burnt Bronze, and Stormtrooper White. Gold is a personal favorite of one IWI rep who helped pick that color as an option for production.

Initial impressions for the rifle at IWA from the IWI rep is that it’s a great rifle with no recoil. The compatibility with other TM-22 magazines is a great feature, especially with the lever action. No set pricing yet, as the paperwork isn’t done for bringing it into the US.

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