Dan Wesson DWX Compact: It’s Now Shipping

The Dan Wesson DWX Compact pistol is now shipping. You might have already guessed this, but that’s the smaller, more concealable version of the full-size Dan Wesson DWX. A shorter barrel and lightweight aluminum frame are intended to make it a better concealed carry gun than its bigger brother (though you can hide that one away too).

As you can imagine on a Dan Wesson gun, features are designed to be ergonomic and comfy — but let’s talk first about the trigger. It’s a flat, K-style/skeletonized trigger with a textured face for “positive contact.” Shooting a flat-faced trigger on a 1911 or CZ75-type platform makes me feel fancy, like those people who throw a pinky out there when they’re sipping from a cup.

“Oh, you have a flat-face trigger? A K-style trigger? I, too, prefer Grey Poupon. And I can tie a Windsor knot.”

As you’d expect, the fire control group is Single Action Only (SAO), but a lot of its geometry (particularly the grip angle and contour) echoes that of the CZ75. The CZ75 is, in my opinion, one of the most forgiving and comfortable guns to shoot there is.

You know, the more I write this news blurb, the more I want to put hands on this pistol.



  • A CZ-style use-the-slide-stop takedown process makes cleaning and basic maintenance easy.
  • Textured front and backstraps (with a Ned Christiansen style frag pattern) provide grip and traction.
  • Henning aluminum grips; these have a low profile intended to put a shooter’s hand high on the beavertail. This is an advantage in a couple of ways, including better recoil mitigation and a tendency to place the trigger finger higher on the trigger naturally.
  • A Diamond Like Coating (DLC) to protect the weapon from gunk, focused wear, and corrosion.
  • A match grade 4-inch barrel with a bushing-less barrel system (very accurate and contributes to easy takedown).
  • 15-round capacity CZ75 Compact double-stack magazines with Henning aluminum base pads provide a reliable 15+1 round count.
  • Sights include a Tritium night-sight up front and DW fixed “Battlehook” rear sight – I’m not a night sights guy myself, but lots of people are.
  • The left side safety can be swapped out for the same ambi safety the full-size DMX uses.
  • If you’re going to swap that safety, might as well take advantage of the reversible mag release.
  • Lots of aftermarket support is available. This is nice to have no matter what gun you’re carrying.
David Reeder's Wu Tang name is Lucky Prophet. He is a retired AF veteran, former Peace Officer, and current Tier 2.5 writer-operator. Over the course of his career, he has worked a variety of military and lE billets, served as an Observer-Controller at the National Homeland Security Training Center, a MOUT instructor, and an MTT tracking instructor - all of which sounds much cooler than it really was. Although he only updates his website once in a very great while, he can absolutely be relied upon to post to social media (@reederwrites) at least once a month. -Ish.

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