CZ-USA Issues Safety Recall for All-American Single Trap Shotgun

CZ has released information regarding a voluntary safety recall for one of its products, the All-American Single Trap shotgun. The safety recall involves what the company refers to as the potential for unintentional discharge if the trigger is pulled with the safety engaged and or if the shotgun is dropped, even with the safety engaged.

With an abundance of caution, and with the safety of their consumers in mind, they issued the voluntary safety recall for the All-American Single Trap shotgun. The company states it wants to prevent the possibility of death or serious personal injury so any owner should immediately stop using the CZ shotgun and not load or fire it until it has been returned to CZ-USA for inspection and upgrade.CZ All-American Single Trap shotgun recall

CZ-USA has released a voluntary safety recall for all All-American Single Trap shotguns. The issue is the shotgun may fire when the trigger is pulled when the safety is engaged. Additionally, the shotgun could fire when dropped even with the safety engaged. All owners of the shotgun should visit the recall website and get their shotgun inspected and upgraded at CZ’s expense, per the company. [Photo credit: CZ-USA]According to the recall website that CZ-USA has published, the recall affects all CZ All-American Single Trap shotguns, but consumers can visit its recall website to check their serial numbers and get return information from CZ. From the same website, the consumer can submit a claim for their shotgun to get the ball rolling. CZ-USA will upgrade any of the All-American Single Trap shotguns in the order the shotguns are received for inspection and upgrade.

In a statement from Scott Schreiner, the Chief Operating Officer of CZ-USA, “The company deeply regrets any inconvenience caused by this recall and appreciates the understanding and cooperation of our valued customers. We are committed to ensuring the highest level of safety and quality in all our products, and we thank you for your patience and for choosing CZ.”

Owners of the CZ All-American Single Trap shotgun should not worry about the cost of the upgrade or shipping, as all fees associated with the recall will be covered entirely by the company, including shipping to and return from the factory and upgrade costs. If any owner of the CA All-American Single Trap shotgun has any questions, CZ-USA urges them to visit the recall website or by calling the company’s Customer Service line.

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