The War on Glock

The gun control lobby has declared war against Glock. They won’t explicitly say so, but it’s true. Various government entities are leading the charge, but Michael Bloomberg’s gun control apparatus is apparently pulling the strings. The State of New York has joined the New Jersey Attorney General and the City of Chicago in going after the Glock corporation. This time, a new bill before the state legislature seeks to outlaw all Glock firearms, though Glock isn’t directly named. Let’s break that down and look at how it fits the overall scheme.

Glock pistol covered by a red X
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It’s All About the Glock Switches. Or is It?

New York State Senator Zellnor Myrie and Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages have introduced twin bills outlawing the sale or possession of Glock pistols “for certain persons.” Those certain persons are civilians, with the usual carve-outs for the police, on-duty military personnel, approved contractors, and licensed gunsmiths working on Glocks for those people.

The bills actually update an existing law prohibiting civilian possession of machine guns by adding language classifying “pistol converters” as machine gun equivalents. The law’s definition of machine gun (and submachine gun) is amended with the phrase, “and also includes any convertible pistol that is equipped with a pistol converter.”

The bill continues, explaining that a “’Pistol converter’ means any device or instrument that when installed in or attached to the slide of a semi-automatic pistol interferes with the trigger mechanism and thereby enables the pistol to discharge a number of shots or bullets rapidly or automatically with one continuous pull of the trigger.”

New York State Senator Zellnor Myrie
New York State Senator Zellnor Myrie. (

Finally, the text says that “’Convertible pistol’ means any semi-automatic pistol that can be converted into a machine-gun solely by the installation or attachment of a pistol converter.”

Individuals possessing a pistol converter or convertible pistol will be guilty of a Class A felony. “Any person, dealer, firm, partnership, or corporation who disposes of or who transports or ships as merchandise a convertible pistol is guilty of a Class D felony.” Unless, of course, you’re among the chosen few.

Though the language doesn’t specify, this bill is clearly aimed at Glock since so-called “Glock switches” are all the rage among criminal elements. But there’s one small problem: Glock switches, more correctly known as auto-sears, are already illegal under federal law. So are unlicensed auto-sear-equipped firearms of any type. So, what’s the deal? The truth is that auto-sears just provide an opportunity for bigger fish.

A Coordinated Effort Against Glock

Glock has long been one of the gun control lobby’s biggest boogeymen. The rise of illegal, mostly Chinese-made auto-sears tailored for the Glock platform presented a golden opportunity for the gun controllers’ latest tactic: trying to sue gun makers into oblivion, as they did Remington.

The City of Chicago struck the first blow in March, announcing a lawsuit blaming Glock for the city’s rampant crime. Chicago claims that Glock knowingly produces handguns that can readily accept auto-sears, thus violating the city’s ordinances against unfair business practices. Chicago says the suit addresses Glock’s supposed refusal to redesign their pistols so that they are no longer compatible with the current auto-sears. The suit itself is absurd, but the goal is to force Glock to defend itself in court, thus costing the company millions of dollars in legal fees. And if the city gets the right judge, a real possibility in Chicago, Glock could lose, forcing an even more expensive appeal. Meanwhile, the city already has lawyers on staff and pays its legal bills with tax money.

New York Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages
New York Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages. (

New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin jumped in a week later with a letter informing Glock of his concern over the Chicago suit. Platkin says that Chicago’s allegations likely mean that Glock is violating New Jersey law, and he ordered the company to preserve records dealing with design decisions, especially anything addressing knowledge of auto-sear compatibility in Glock firearms. The attorneys general of 12 other states, plus the District of Columbia, also signed the letter. Again, government entities with taxpayer-funded lawyers are threatening a private company engaged in lawful business practices. But Glock cannot afford not to defend itself, and Platkin knows it.

The New York bill is but the latest part of this coordinated assault on Glock. But who’s doing the coordinating? Look no further than our old pal Mike Bloomberg, likely with a big assist from the White House.

The Bloomberg Gun Control Apparatus

If you’re unfamiliar with Michael Bloomberg, here’s the deal. He’s the former Mayor of New York City, where he established his credentials as an overbearing busybody who believes he has the right to tell everyone else how to live. You may remember when New York restaurants couldn’t serve large sodas and were forced to remove the saltshakers from their tables. Those were Bloomberg initiatives. He decided to force New Yorkers to eat healthier.

He also established Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), an alliance of big-city mayors who pushed strict gun control. The problem was that MAIG’s policy proposals only targeted law-abiding people who owned legal guns. Oops. MAIG morphed into Everytown for Gun Safety after Bloomberg left office. Bloomberg himself funded Everytown since he happens to be a multibillionaire media mogul. Everytown has grown into the nation’s largest and best-funded gun control outfit. The organization’s current president is John Feinblatt, a longtime Bloomberg political operative and former MAIG chief.

Bloomberg also created the supposedly grass-roots Moms Demand Action, headed up professional public relations professional Shannon Watts.

Michael Bloomberg
Michael Bloomberg controls and funds a huge gun control apparatus. (Kena Betancur/Afp/AFP via Getty Images)

Finally, Bloomberg founded and funds the Johns Hopkins University Center for Gun Violence Solutions. It is probably the nation’s premier gun control think tank. “Gun Violence Solutions,” just like “Gun Safety” and “Gun Sense,” is code for “Gun Control,” the stricter the better.

So what? Fair question. The Chicago lawsuit was filed and is being litigated by Everytown Law, the legal arm of Everytown for Gun Safety. The New York bill is said to have been largely authored by Moms Demand Action, whose website trumpeted its filing, and seems to be taking some credit for its introduction.

And as if that weren’t enough, the Bloomberg organizations now have direct access to the Biden Administration via the White House Office for Gun Violence Prevention. “Gun Violence Prevention” is also code for “gun control.”

The White House Connection

Last summer, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and anti-gun Congressman Maxwell Frost announced the establishment of the White House Office for Gun Violence Prevention. The office is headed by longtime Biden policy advisor Stefanie Feldman. The two deputy directors are both experienced gun control lobbyists. One of them, Rob Wilcox, is the former Federal Policy Director at Everytown. He often testified before Congress in that capacity. So, through Wilcox, the Bloomberg crew literally has their own office in the White House. But it gets better.

The White House Gun Control Office, as I call it, was created specifically to work around Congress to implement gun control without actual legislation. They are likely behind at least a couple of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives’ (ATF) recent rule changes. They also generated the Commerce Department’s firearms export ban that will cost the American gun industry hundreds of millions of dollars and untold lost jobs. They are exploiting the Senate’s Bi-Partisan Safer Communities Act to bribe states to enact Red Flag laws, and they tried using it to defund public school archery and hunter education programs.

White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention Deputy Director Rob Wilcox
White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention Deputy Director Rob Wilcox was formerly the Federal Policy Director at Everytown for Gun Safety. (

All evidence points to their cooking up the Chicago lawsuit scheme, nudging AG Platkin to go after Glock, and they may well have a hand in the New York bill. The Bloomberg gun control apparatus has a long reach.

The Goal

Recent Supreme Court decisions have hurt the gun controllers. Legislative gun control looks shakier than ever, and much of the executive efforts through the ATF look like they will go down to legal challenges. So, Everytown, Brady, and the rest have changed tactics. The new angle is costing gun companies as much money as possible. The export ban works like that. But the big one is lawsuits. Lawyers aren’t cheap, and gun makers have no choice but to defend themselves.

Note that the New York law says “convertible pistol,” not “Glock.” Glock is no doubt the immediate target, which the Moms Demand Action website makes clear, slamming the company for “enabling the spread of machine guns in our communities by refusing to redesign its pistols.” But just about any semi-auto firearm can be converted with the right tools and a compatible auto-sear. This bill looks to eventually ban all semi-auto handguns using “Glock switches” as a convenient vehicle. And can you doubt that semi-auto rifles will be next?

That’s why the White House’s fingerprints seem to be all over it. Joe Biden has crusaded against semi-automatic firearms since before he took office. His White House Gun Control office actively seeks to circumvent Congress. They have already been involved in local and state affairs. This is a semi-automatic firearm ban, and other anti-gun states are no doubt watching very closely.

The Heller and Bruen Decisions seemingly make such an action unconstitutional. But remember that the goal is to cost gun makers and gun rights advocacy groups money. The gun companies will have to defend themselves in court. Gun rights groups must sue to have these laws overturned. But meanwhile, gun control is a little more entrenched. And if they lose, they at least cost the other side millions of dollars. All while being funded themselves by taxpayer money and Bloomberg’s billions.

This isn’t just a war on Glock. It’s a war on the entire gun industry.

William "Bucky" Lawson is a self-described "typical Appalachian-American gun enthusiast". He is a military historian specializing in World War II and has written a few things, as he says, "here and there". A featured contributor for Strategy & Tactics, he likes dogs, range time, and a good cigar - preferably with an Old Fashioned that has an extra orange slice.

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