Ruger Security 380: Deep Concealment Perfection

Designed for concealed carry, the Ruger Security 380 boasts a 15 +1 capacity, more than most other 380 ACPs on the market.

Q LLC’s Mini Fix SD SBR: Integrally Suppressed

The Mini Fix SD is an integrally suppressed version of the Mini Fix that is only available in an SBR (short-barreled rifle) form with a fully adjustable fixed stock.

Strasser RS 700 Rifles with Remington 700 Compatibility

A great combo can make all the difference. Strasser has updated its straight-pull bolt action hunting rifle to be compatible with Remington 700 parts.

Canik Firearm’s Miami Days and Miami Nights Limited Edition Pistols

The limited-edition Canik pistol series will consist of 3050 individually numbered pistols of each of the Days and Nights versions, to pay homage to the iconic Miami 305 area code.

ZEV Technologies OZ9 Duty: Modular Technology

The Zev OZ9 Duty is part of the handgun lineup and it's a gun built for dedicated use. This pistol isn't a safe queen, it's made to be shot.

Savage Arms 110 Carbon Predator: Made to Hunt

The Savage Arms 110 Carbon Predator isdesigned to check all the boxes predator hunters have in mind when they're looking for a rifle.

Noreen Firearms ULR: 50 BMG Pistol? Yes!

Sometimes you want the hardest-hitting gun possible, but you want it in a smaller platform. The team at Noreen Firearms is known for solving this type of issue, so it's no surprise they're behind a single-shot pistol chambered in 50 BMG.

Smith & Wesson Competitor: Performance Center Precision

The Smith & Wesson Performance Center M&P9 M2.0 Competitor is made to perform right out of the box, giving shooters an edge without waiting on a custom gun.

Standard Manufacturing Switch-Gun in .22LR

Connecticut-based Standard Manufacturing has expanded its line of folding .22 caliber revolvers with a version chambered in the ubiquitous .22LR cartridge. The Switch-Gun was originally released in .22 WRM, but is now labeled as 22 Multi with different cylinders available to be interchanged. Features of the Switch Gun: Frame and Barrel: CNC Machined Stainless Steel […]

Davidson’s VP9: 2-Tone H&K

Davidson's Exclusive VP9 sports a gray polymer frame and black slide for a beautiful, aesthetically-appealing 2-tone appearance.

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