Bond Arms Delivers Newest Derringer, The Stinger

Bond Arms, known for making the award-winning Bond Arms Derringer, has released its newest Derringer model: the Stinger. It is their lightest, smallest derringer, and one of the lightest on the market, thanks to years of research and development.

Bond Arms Stinger
Bond Arms recently announced their newest derringer pistol, the Stinger. It is being touted as the lightest and smallest derringer commercially available. The Stinger is available in either 9mm or .380 Auto.

The Bond Arms Stinger has a familiar feel, fit, function, and reliability that people have come to expect from other Bond double-barreled pistols, all in a very concealable and comfortable size. The Stinger comes chambered in either .380 Auto or 9mm and is made from advanced materials and designed for durability.

The slim, lightweight frame is precision milled from a billet of one of the toughest lightweight materials out there, 7075 aluminum. The black hard-coat is anodized, which helps protect the frame during use. On the frame is a pair of high-impact Zytel composite grips that marry up nicely with the wasp-waisted pistol’s narrow profile, lending itself to a highly concealable firearm (a pair of rubber grips are also included in the box for those who need a larger grip). Also on the frame is an integral trigger guard that protects the trigger, but still allows access.

The Stinger from Bond Arms
The Bond Arms Stinger uses 7075-T6 aluminum to keep the pistol light but tough and uses stainless steel internals to add to the durability of the pistol. (Photo courtesy of American Rifleman online)

The Bond Arms Stinger boasts a three-inch barrel to go along with the just over a narrow half-inch wide frame and is interchangeable with other Stinger barrels. While the current Stinger is only available in .380 Auto and 9mm, there is a .22 long rifle model in the works.

Bond Arms logo
With the new Stinger, Bond Arms provide a lightweight and slim pistol for their customers that is still capable of firing powerful defensive rounds.

The internals for the Stinger are made of stainless steel allowing it to be able to fire +P rounds. Additionally, the release lever, cross-blot safety, hammer, and trigger are also made of stainless steel to add to the overall strength of the Stinger.

Bond Arms Stinger Specifications

  • Cartridge: 9mm; 380 auto
  • Weight: 12 Oz (with Slim Grips)
  • Dimensions: Length 5″; Height: 4″; Width: Less than 1″ (with Slim Grips)
  • Barrel: 3″ Heat Treated Stainless Steel
  • Passive Safety: Rebounding Hammer
  • Manual Safety: Crossbolt Safety & Safety Locking Device (SLD)
  • Action: Over/Under, Tip-Up Barrel, Single Action
  • Frame: 7075-T6 Aluminum, Type III Hard Anodize
  • Trigger Guard: Integral w/Frame
  • Interchangeability: Compatible with other centerfire Stinger barrels, but not with existing Bond derringers
  • Grips: High Impact Nylon Slim Grips (standard rubber grips included)
  • Hinge Screw: 7/64″ Allen Wrench
Bond Arms Stinger pistol
The Stinger from Bond Arms has a 3-inch stainless steel double-barrel, that along with the .55-inch-wide frame, helps deliver a highly concealable pistol.

The Bond Arms Stinger has an MSRP of $379 and is available in limited quantities for now.

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