Best Sig P320 Grip Modules

When the Sig P250 premiered, the most interesting thing about the weapon was the ability to use a fire control group that was removable and replaceable. You could swap grip modules, slides, and even calibers without the need to purchase another pistol. The P250 didn’t do very well, and the “Double-Action-Only” gun had many problems. Sig went back to the drawing board and improved upon their misstep. They released the P320 a few years later and had a hit ever since.

The P320 replaced the DAO, hammer-fired design with a striker-fired one. That was a first for Sig Sauer, and it became an immediate favorite. It certainly has had its challenges, but it’s become a very dominant pistol on the firearms market. The P320 series utilized the Fire Control Unit similar to that of the P250. It’s quite easy to swap the grip modules and slides to change the function of the weapon fairly easily.

Grip modules, in particular, are a great way to change how a weapon handles, how it performs, and the various tasks it can excel at. Being able to swap the grip module is one of the big reasons why the P320 is so dang cool. My P320 serves as a competition gun and a concealed carry pistol, it also works well for training and home defense. I can do all that through the various grip modules I own and use for the gun.

Let’s take the idea of swapping the grip modules and look at the best ones on the market for specific tasks.

The Best P320 Grip Modules

For Carry: Compact X-Series

For daily carry-in casual clothes, the X-Series compact grip module is my go-to option. It keeps the gun fairly short and sweet without compromising control. It’s still a double-stack 9mm handgun, but it’s smaller than the full-sized variant. It’s just long enough for a nice full grip and to fit a 15-round 9mm magazine. The compact grip allows for easier concealment, especially for an IWB rig.

P320 polymer frame
The X Series Compact Grip Module is Fantastic.

The X-series choice over the standard compact is driven by a few additional features Sig Sauer places on the X-series grip modules. These grip modules are slightly thinner than the standard. This makes them more comfortable in the hand and slightly easier to conceal. The difference isn’t enough to prevent using the same holsters. The X-Series also gives you a slightly longer beavertail, and the trigger guard undercut is just a little higher.

The end result is a grip module that lets you get higher on the gun and have more control. Speaking of control, the P320 X-Series features a laser-etched grip texture. It’s not only more aggressive and grippy but covers a larger portion of the grip. The laser-etched stippling handles a little better and for my taste, looks better. As you’d expect, you also get a rail for accessories. It’s really one of the best all-around options for the P320.

For Competition: X-Series TXG Grip Module

If you want to shoot fast, shoot straight, and take home the gold (or just not embarrass yourself), the Sig TXG grip module is for you. The TXG grip module utilizes a full-sized X-Series grip and comes with all the aforementioned X-Series improvements. These include the beavertail, the trigger guard undercut, the slimmer grip, and more aggressive, laser-etched stippling. The T in TXG stands for tungsten.

Sig Sauer P320MAX
The TXG is designed for match series guns.

There are a few different firearms that have tungsten in their grips. The idea is to add weight to the gun, which reduces recoil. The TXG infused the tungsten weight as part of the grip module. It’s not tacked on, but it’s molded into the grip itself. This makes the grip module a little simpler for the end user. You don’t need to find space to make it fit, and the tungsten module is pre-installed and fixed in place.

The last add-on is a fairly large magazine well that allows for quick and more intuitive reloads. The TXG Grip Module is a full-sized design that only works with full-length 17-round magazines or more extended magazines. The design is perfect for trimming split times and shooting faster with greater accuracy. It’s the perfect option for someone looking to take the top spot at a competition shoot.

For Deep Concealment: Amend2 S300 Hybrid Grip

The P320 is famous enough to have a multitude of slide and FCU options. If you have a slide and optic you prefer but find the P320 to be a little too big, then the Amend2 S3000 Hybrid Grip is a fantastic option. The neat thing about this design is that it’s smaller and slimmer than the P320 subcompact frame but still holds at least ten rounds of ammunition. Hybrid, in this case, means it’s a hybrid of the P320 and P365.

Amend2 s300 grip module on P320
The texture of the grip almost matches the P365 perfectly.

This grip module utilizes P365 magazines instead of P320 options, allowing the grip frame to be more akin to the P365 rather than the P320. Plus, if you use an optic, then it’s got you covered as well. At only 60 bucks, it makes it easy to turn your P365 into a subcompact-type firearm. The Amend2 S3000 frameworks have either compact or full-length slides.

The Amend2 S3000 comes with a nice rail for accessories, including full-sized lights. It’s a different take on the P320, but with the number of P365 magazines available, it’s a solid option for an alternatively sized P320.

Because It’s Cool: Sig Sauer AXG

In the modern firearm world, the striker-fired, 9mm, double-stack handgun almost universally has a polymer frame. Polymer is the future for firearms, and it’s been shown to be plenty dependable. Polymers offer the benefits of some flexibility for recoil reduction. Still, metal frames are kind of cool, right?

Sig Sauer P320 AXG Carry pistol
The Sig P320 AXG line offers metal-framed options for the P320 pistol, like this AXG Carry. (

Well, Sig Sauer recognized the chick’s dig-it factor and produced the AXG grip module for the P320. The A stands for aluminum, and it follows the X series style more or less. Like most great metal frames, you can remove the grip panels and swap them around if you so choose, but the grips often match the finish.

The Sig AXG features an excellent beavertail and a super ergonomic grip. It’s remarkably comfortable, and for some reason, metal always feels better in the hand. It’s slimmer and somehow more ergonomic overall. The AXG does have a rail and sticks to the modern take of the X-series grip module. The slick metal frame allows you to turn your P320 into a BBQ gun.

To Make It a PDW – Flux Defense Raider

Let’s get crazy with it. So far, the grip modules we’ve mentioned have all been fairly standard, but Flux Defense takes things a little further. With the Flux Defense Raider, you are turning your P320 into what’s effectively a PDW. A personal defense weapon is something more than a pistol but less than a rifle. This particular model uses the slide and FCU from the P320 and adds one hell of a grip module.

Flux raider with brace deployed
The Raider is an effective little PDW.

The Raider has a spring-loaded collapsing, integrated brace that keeps the whole thing quite small but still deploys quickly to extend your effective range. A series of rails allows for mounting accessories and even optics. The front portion acts as an extra magazine storage. It’s a fairly complicated system, but it is intuitive with a little training and practice.

The Flux Defense Raider turns your P320 into a braced pistol. It’s tough to conceal but a very compact weapon compared to other braced pistols, like the CZ Scorpion or MPX. It’s ultra-small but packs big potential.

Get a Grip (Module)

If you have a P320 and haven’t tried to swap up your grip modules, you are missing out. A grip module can alter how the weapon performs, how it conceals, and, of course, how it feels. The p320 is one of the most customizable handguns on the market, so why not take advantage of that customization?

Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine Gunner and a lifelong firearms enthusiast. Now that his days of working a 240B like Charlie Parker on the sax are over he's a regular guy who likes to shoot, write, and find ways to combine the two. He holds an NRA certification as a Basic Pistol Instructor and is probably most likely the world's Okayest firearm instructor. He is a simplicisist when it comes to talking about himself in the 3rd person and a self-professed tactical hipster. Hit him up on Instagram, @travis.l.pike, with story ideas.

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