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About the VEPR
Modernized for enhanced reliability in high-stress battlefield scenarios, the VEPR is a Russian-made semi-auto battle rifle, modeled after the iconic, time-tested AK-47 rifle, designed to accommodate users of all disciplines, including target shooters, collectors, military personnel, and more. Utilized primarily by the Russian and Ukrainian militaries, the VEPR boasts a stamped steel receiver with an oversized safety selector on the right-hand side, and an integral, factory-pinned side mount for an optics rail on the left-hand side, much like an AK-47. However, unlike the AK-47, the VEPR sports a last-round bolt hold-open mechanism, locking the bolt to the rear after the last round has been ejected for improved reliability and quick visual indication of an empty magazine or failure.

Further, the VEPR boasts an unregulated, fixed port gas system, engineered to deliver smooth operation and jam-free feeding performance, without any adjustments or damage to the firearm. The VEPR also comes equipped with a chrome-lined barrel, gas block, and chamber for superior corrosion resistance and prolonged service life, while the unique bolt release sits to the rear of the receiver, allowing shooters to release the bolt without relinquishing their grip for speedy reloads and enhanced reliability in fast-action tactical, target, and home defense environments. 

Is There Much Aftermarket Support for the VEPR?
There sure is! Tons, actually.

Like the AK-47 and RPK, the VEPR has a cult following, trusted and adored by collectors, tactical shooters, and target shooters worldwide. There is a multitude of aftermarket furniture sets, tactical upgrades, muzzle brakes, magazines, and optics rails available for the VEPR. So, whether you want to swap grips for improved comfort and control, add your favorite red dot for speedy target acquisition, or change out the stock and forend for a one-of-a-kind look and feel, you’ve got seemingly endless options to do so!

Shop our full collection of VEPR magazines and accessories today and enjoy superior firepower and dependable operation in harsh tactical, competitive, and target shooting applications without breaking the bank.