XS Sights Lever Rail and Ghost Sight for Rossi Rifles

XS Sights has announced the expansion of its offerings for its Lever Rail and Ghost Ring sight set and the Lever Scout Mount to include compatibility with the Rossi R95 and Rossi R92 rifles, respectively. The new options for the Rossi lever-action rifles add the ability to quickly mount optics and other accessories to the weapon.

The new options are machined from aircraft aluminum for precision mounting and an overall lighter weight. With a hard coat anodized finish, the rails and scope rings are durable enough to withstand time and heavy use over the life of the weapon. The Lever Scout Mount for the R92 rifle is an easy-to-install Picatinny rail making it a perfect addition to the fast-action lever gun. The Lever Scout Mount is available now and has an MSRP of $76.99.

XS Sights Lever Rail and Ghost Ring on Rossi lever action rifles
XS Sights has announced the release of two new options for the Rossi R95 and R92 rifles. The new Lever Rail and Ghost Ring Set (top) and Lever Rail (bottom) are compatible with R95 lever-action rifles and R92 rifles respectively. [Photo credit: XS Sights]
“The XS Ghost Ring sight sets allow for the fastest target acquisition possible with iron sights,” said Jeff King, Marketing Manager, XS Sights. “The surge in popularity of lever action rifles has been fun to see, and we are happy to offer Rossi R95 and R92 owners upgrades to make their shooting experience better. Our Picatinny rail offers users flexibility by easily accommodating riflescopes and red dot sights.”

XS Sights Lever Rail and Ghost Ring set
The Lever Rail and Ghost Ring kit from XS Sights includes the Picatinny rail along with a ghost rear sight with two apertures, and a white stripe front sight. [Photo credit: XS Sights]
The Ghost Ring Sight Set for the R95 lever-action rifle includes a Picatinny rail, Ghost Ring, and white stripe front sight. Like the scope rail for the R92, this Picatinny rail mounts using the existing screw holes in the compatible models and features the same hard coat anodizing for a durable finish.  The universal use of the rail means that any conventional scope or red dot can be mounted easily to the R95.

The ghost ring within the set is fully adjustable for windage and elevation and has two aperture sizes to choose from. The white stripe front sight offers a high contrast that can be used in any lighting conditions. Both new options for the Rossi rifles have XS Sights 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and are made in Texas. The R95 Lever Rail and Ghost Ring Kit is out now and has an MSRP of $192.99.

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