Vertx Ready Pack: Best Pack I’ve Ever Run

Everyone needs a good backpack. It’s just one of those things that comes in handy, whether you’re hiking, traveling, walking to class, or just out doing stuff. Lots of companies make great backpacks, but none do it better than Vertx. Vertx is a quality gear company, offering clothing, accessories, and all types of packs, including backpacks. I recently carried a Vertx Ready Pack all week at SHOT Show. I also used it for a week before, and have carried it for the two weeks after the show. The Ready Pack is impressive in many ways, so let’s look at the pack itself, and I’ll discuss my experiences with it.

Vertx Ready Pack
The Vertx Ready Pack has tons of features without screaming “Tactical.” (Author’s Photo)

Vertx Ready Pack Specifications

  • Outside Dimensions: 19” High x 11.5” Wide x 7.5” Deep
  • Concealed Carry Compartment: 16.5” High x 11” Wide x 2” Deep
  • Capacity: 20 Liters

Ready Pack Features

The Ready Pack has so many features that listing them would take half the article space. So, instead, I’ll group them by function and briefly hit each one.


The Ready Pack has five compartments. The main compartment is obviously the roomiest, featuring a rear elastic pouch that holds up to a 15-inch laptop or whatever else you want to secure there. A modular top retention strap keeps the pouch tight to the back panel. The front has a smaller zippered pouch with a bottom interior lanyard hook.

Vertx Ready Pack Main Compartment
The main compartment has lots of room for laptops, gear, and even your favorite throwing hawk. The laptop compartment is also great for hydration gear, comms, or a ballistic plate. Note the light-colored lining for maximum interior visibility. (Author’s Photo)

The front flap exposes a wide, low-profile, laser-cut Velcro MOLLE panel for easy gear access. Two small zippered front compartments offer storage for smaller items. The front pocket features a diagonal zipper for easy access. The two stretch water bottle pockets can handle water bottles, large or small. Drawstrings tighten the pouch around them, and they even have attachment points to secure your bottles if desired.

The rear concealed carry compartment can accommodate most handguns. You won’t get a BFR Revolver in there, but your carry guns will fit easily, as well as larger framed guns like a 1911 or Beretta 92. There’s plenty of room for extra mags or even a second firearm. The compartment’s stiff back plate is fully lined with loop material for Tactigami accessories like holster attachments. This compartment is easily accessed from either side or the top, and you can set up your zippers to provide the access you want.

Concealed carry compartment
The concealed carry compartment is roomy, with high-retention Velcro lining. I don’t normally carry a Ka-Bar around, but I wanted to show how much room there is. (Author’s Photo)

One thing I love about the Ready Pack is the interior color. That may sound odd, but all my other packs’ interiors are the same color as the exterior. Since most of my packs are black or dark green, so are the interiors. I’m the most disorganized person I know. That I have small items living in the bottom of my packs is a universal constant. But the Ready Pack has a light grey interior throughout, so even I can see what’s lurking down there without worrying about a stray rat biting me. I will say that the Ready Pack’s convenient storage pockets and Tactigami accessories have reduced my clutter, but not entirely. It is me, after all.

Comfort and Durability

I carried my Ready Pack all day, every day at SHOT Show. That’s four days walking the 14 miles of aisle space and one day at the range. Despite quality boots, my feet were killing me by Tuesday afternoon. It’s just the nature of the beast. But my Ready Pack? No problems at all. It was just as comfortable walking through the airports on Sunday as it had been the previous Monday at Range Day.

Front flap and back panel
The front flap reveals a wide, low-profile Molle section, while the back panel has extra padding for your shoulder blades and lower back. (Author’s Photo)

The Ready Pack is built for comfort and wearability. The wide, padded shoulder straps don’t cut or bind. They move easily on and off my shoulders. The connecting chest strap keeps them from slipping, though the textured material didn’t do that even when I wasn’t using the chest strap. The adjustable waist straps add further stability. I didn’t use them much at SHOT Show, but I have employed them when I’m carrying a concealed handgun. They hold the pack in place when I draw. I love that the waist straps can be rolled up and secured when not in use, as can the chest strap.

The 3-D molded foam back panel provides extra padding for the shoulder blades and lower back when carrying heavier loads. My loadout is rarely heavy, but these panels do add comfort. I will say, however, that I’ve noticed lingering sweat in those spots since the area doesn’t breathe as well. But that’s so small a thing as to be negligible.

Shoulder Straps
The wide, padded shoulder straps are comfortable all day long, with or without the chest strap. (Author’s Photo)

Vertx uses bonded nylon thread throughout the Ready Pack, with critical seams and attachment points bar-tacked for extra durability. I’m no tailor, but that sounds good. However, examining, testing, and handling the pack demonstrates its quality. Sometimes you can feel it. I can feel it on the Ready Pack. I’m certain I’ll have this pack for a long time.

Tactigami System

The Vertx Tactigami System allows easy accessorizing, so you can customize your pack however you want. Tactigami is based on Velcro loops throughout the pack’s interior, and Vertx offers numerous attachments for holsters, firearms, magazines, lights, pens, or whatever else you might need.

The retention is very good, though I was a little skeptical of how well it might hold my firearms. I needn’t have worried. My guns stay in place, even when I’m drawing from a quality holster with some retention. The gun pulls free, but the holster stays in place. I can place everything exactly where I want it. And I can easily change it any time I want.

The Ready Pack comes with a Tactigami Double Admin Pouch, and I’ve added a pen, a light holder, and a holster attachment. Mag holders will be added soon.

Vertx Tactigami and Ready Pack Front Pockets
The front pockets are easily accessible. I added this Tactigami MAK Band for pens and a light. (Author’s Photo)

Accessibility and Security

Remember the main compartment’s laptop pouch? Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to hold your laptop. The pouch can also accommodate hydration gear since the Ready Pack includes pass-throughs for water lines. Or you could stash your comms there and run the wires to your earpiece. Whatever you need. You can even insert a ballistic plate if you want.

Vertx makes the Ready Pack more accessible than any other pack I’ve ever run. The zippers are large and well-made. Each one has a good-sized, easily-gripped tab attached to a lanyard. No fumbling around trying to grasp a short zipper. The Ready Pack also includes one 5-inch Rapid Access Pull tab for maximum positivity. You can install it on whichever zipper you want and move it around as desired. It takes about a minute. Mine is installed on the concealed carry compartment’s “down” zipper on the right side. I reach up and it’s there all the time, with no doubt about what I’m grabbing.

Vertx Rapid Access Tab
The 5-inch Vertx Rapid Access Tab provides a positive purchase where you need it most. (Author’s Photo)

Finally, the main compartment has a Hot-Pull tab up top for quick access. Just yank it down and the whole compartment opens. That may not fit with your security needs, but the accessibility is unmatched.

The main compartment, front flap, and concealed carry compartment are equipped with Gatekeeper G-Hooks for extra security. They work just like regular zippers but can accept a small cable lock if desired. My TSA luggage locks work great.

Best Backpack I’ve Ever Run

I’m not exaggerating when I say the Vertx Ready Pack is the best backpack I’ve ever owned. I have some packs that are just as tough and almost as comfortable. I have one whose compartments are similar to the Ready Pack’s, but it lacks the Velcro attachment capability and the quick access and security features. They all certainly lack customization possibilities. I have packs that share a feature or two, or three, with the Ready Pack, but not one comes close to having them all.

Vertx Ready Pack security features
Left: The Gatekeeper G-Hooks can accept small cable locks like this TSA luggage lock. Right: The adjustable water pouch even has an anchor point for a lanyard or carabiner. (Author’s Photo)

I won’t say those other packs are now superfluous, but I’ll definitely be using them less. They’ll most likely be relegated to overflow roles. I’d say I couldn’t be happier with my Ready Pack, but all the available accessories mean I’ll be tweaking it as I go along, or even changing it based on what I’m doing that day. That’s a major advantage over my other packs.

Vertx has a winner with the Ready Pack. If you’re looking for a fantastic backpack, give it a look. I bet you’ll love it like I do.

William "Bucky" Lawson is a self-described "typical Appalachian-American gun enthusiast". He is a military historian specializing in World War II and has written a few things, as he says, "here and there". A featured contributor for Strategy & Tactics, he likes dogs, range time, and a good cigar - preferably with an Old Fashioned that has an extra orange slice.

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