Trijicon Shipping MGRS to US Army

Trijicon has started to deliver the Trijicon Machine Gun Reflex Sight, or MGRS, to the US Army for the M2/M2A1 weapon system. The MGRS is a part of the Mountain Machine Gun Optic (MMO) program for the .50 caliber weapon system.

Trijico Machine Gun Reflex Sight for US Army M2
Trijicon has started shipping the MGRS component of the US Army M2/M2A1 weapon system to the US Army. The MGRS features a large, non-magnified objective lens with a 35 MOA reticle circle and 3 MOA dot. The unit was specifically designed to withstand the repetitive jarring from the M2/M2A1 machine gun fire. [Photo credit: Trijicon]

MGRS Features

The MGRS is forged from 7075-T6 aluminum and has been designed to hold up against jarring, rapid recoil from either fixed or turret-mounted machine guns. The optic has a large objective lens that is non-magnified along with a 35 MOA segmented circle reticle. In the middle of that circle reticle is a 3 MOA dot for precise aiming, according to Trijicon. The unit also features a three-power magnifier for better positive identification, or PID, upping the accuracy and first-round hit probability.

The MGRS has seven brightness settings, two of which are specifically for use with night-vision optics. The remaining five settings can be used to match up with any current conditions. The user can adjust the brightness quickly and has a super-bright setting for bright daylight. A single CR123A battery powers the MGRS for more than 1,000 hours of continuous operation in one battery.

The MGRS features a ranging dial that is geared specifically for the M2/M2A1 machine gun. It has additional dials for other weapon platforms. According to Trijicon, the MGRS is easy to zero with 1 MOA adjustment intervals and up to 100 MOA total travel for adjustments. When the weapon is correctly zeroed, the range knob helps the user further dial in the correct range with Bullet Drop Compensation [BDC] for extra accuracy.

Trijicon started producing these units for the US Army at its Wixom, Michigan facility and expects to complete the project by 2024. The company is known for providing innovative aiming solutions for multiple agencies. So, it seems the MGRS is just the latest item in a long company history.

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