The New Body Armor Bible from Adept Armor

Jake Ganor President of Adept Armor president published his new Amazon Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and paperback book titled: Body Armor: and Light Ballistic Armor Materials and Systems. The Book is supposed to help get people up to speed on the science and technology behind modern body armor and where to find it. It even rated number one in new releases in the “Military Technology” on Amazon. Might be a good read for some of you looking to know more about armor systems, especially with it being so readily available on Kindle Unlimited. 

Body Armor: and Light Ballistic Armor Materials and Systems

Here’s a little bit about what Adept Armor hopes the Book will provide the reader:

More on Body Armor: and Light Ballistic Armor Materials and Systems

The book helps the end-user, whether military, law enforcement, security, or private citizen, better understand the materials and science behind ballistic body armor systems. In addition, it gives a general overview of today’s offerings and provides a history of body armor in the modern era.

“My approach has been to simply provide information in as straightforward and readable manner as possible.” Jake Ganor wrote in the preface. He further notes that “There are several technical books available on the subject of modern ballistic armor, but those books focus on much heavier vehicular armor systems, and the materials and methods involved are very different. This is the first book available on the material construction of body armor.”

The whole book is divided into four sections. The initial chapters review the main types of body armor offered today. Subsequent chapters dive deeper into armor materials, properties, histories, uses, and what the future holds. The third section reviews the combat helmet and its history. The final section includes appendices providing the reader with supplemental statistical, technical, and terminological information, including a comprehensive glossary.

Mantis Titanium Armor Plate
This is the Mantis Titanium Armor Plate that Adept Armor makes. It is light, it weighs at just over five pounds while just being 0.7″ thick. It has an all-around performance that stops M193, M855, M80 Ball, 7.62x39mm MSC, and more.

Jake Ganor’s experience in the body armor and ballistic protection market combines materials engineering and industrial design with a Parametricist philosophy to create new designs that are novel, unexpected, and highly effective. Parametricism emerged from the iterative and algorithmic design paradigms enabled by computer-assisted design software. By testing all design possibilities through modeling software, the optimal solution is ultimately revealed.

This book will become a favorite reference for any person who must wear body armor while on the job, or is thinking about purchasing body armor for personal protection, or is interested in the technologies behind ballistic protection. There is much to consider besides price when purchasing ballistic protection, and Body Armor: and Light Ballistic Armor Materials and Systems will provide the reader with authentic and reliable information to make that critical purchase.

Body Armor: and Light Ballistic Armor Materials and Systems is available on Amazon, Kindle edition is $5.99, and the paperback is $14.49.

This is Adept Armor's "Monitor Plate Carrier," with removable and modular mesh cummerbund, full PALS/MOLLE coverage, and comfortable, air-permeable mesh padding throughout.
This is Adept Armor’s “Monitor Plate Carrier,” with removable and modular mesh cummerbund, full PALS/MOLLE coverage, and comfortable, air-permeable mesh padding throughout.

Learn more about Adept Armor on their new website or follow them on @combatadept on Facebook.

About Adept Armor:

Adept is a materials engineering and industrial design firm that focuses on developing body armor and infantry equipment and is pioneering the use of titanium alloys, enhanced-matrix UHMWPE materials, and titanium diboride modified ceramics in modern armor plates.

These exotic materials are not used in ways that blithely follow convention. In addition to Adept’s expertise in materials engineering, we place extreme importance on product design. In this, we hew to a Parametricist philosophy, which often results in designs as novel and unexpected as they are effective. 

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