Taurus Issues Safety Notice for GX4 9mm Pistols

Taurus has announced a voluntary safety recall, or what they call a Safety Notice to inform owners that certain micro-compact GX4 9mm pistols may be affected by a safety issue.

At the heart of the issue, some GX4 pistols that have been assembled and sold only in the States can discharge when dropped in certain instances. Taurus does not elaborate on how this happens, or exactly which models are in the Safety Notice, but has set up a website to help consumers navigate it.

Taurus GX4 Pistol Safety Notice
Taurus has issued a Safety Notice for certain GX4 9mm pistols, stating they could accidentally discharge when dropped. The company does not list which models or serial numbers are affected but has set up a website for owners to check their serial numbers for potential issues. (Photo credit: Taurus)

According to the company, consumers with GX4 pistols should immediately safely unload their pistols and stop using them. The company warns that anyone that fails to observe the warning could result in injury or death for the user or others. Which, anyone obviously would not want to happen.

The company suggests any consumers visit the GX4SatfeyNotice.com website and enter the pistol’s serial number to see if it is affected by the issue. The website will immediately indicate if the pistol needs to be inspected, repaired if necessary, and returned to the owner free of charge. The website will list instructions for those that need them. Taurus can also be reached via the company’s phone, via US mail, or a user can use the company’s online submission tool to contact Taurus.

Taurus has stated that if a user’s serial number is not a part of the Safety Notice, the owner can disregard it. Obviously, if you previously owned an affected pistol, it would do well to help inform the new owner of the issue. Taurus stated it understands the inconvenience it will cause with this Safety Notice and appreciates Taurus GX4 9mm pistol owner’s patience and cooperation with the issue.

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