Pivoting Portability: the Trailblazer Pack9 Functional Form Feature

The Trailblazer Pack9 is a pivoting pistol caliber carbine that effectively folds in half. Chambered in 9mm, it takes Glock compatible mags.

Stribog Curved Magazines from Grand Power (via Global Ordnance)

Stribog curved magazines have been on many Grand Power owners' wish list for quite a while, for several reasons. That wait is over.

The Aero EPC — What’s the Enhanced Pistol Caliber Carbine Got For You?

Aero Precision has finally released their pistol caliber carbine, the EPC. Is it worth all the hype? Well, let's dig in and find out!

The EPC – Aero Enters the PCC Market

The EPC from Aero Precision is hitting our shores nice and early this year. The EPC is promising to be one of the most innovative AR9s ever.

The Five Best Pistol Caliber Carbines – 2021 Redux

The best pistol caliber carbines 2021 edition is here! As the industry grows we've taken notice and found our favorites. Who makes the cut?

FDC and FDP: Magpul’s Folding Gun

Over a decade ago we watched a demonstration of the Magpul FMG9, and wanted one - but it wasn't a production weapon. That has changed. This is the Zev PD9 from Zev Technolgies and Magpul Industries - it folds up to the size of a lunchbox and can be converted into the "PDC9" carbine version.

Ultimate bugout showdown: Ruger PC 9 vs Kel Tec Sub 2000

The Kel Tec Sub 2000 and Ruger PC 9 are two of the most popular pistol-caliber-carbines. Let’s put the two guns to the test for a bugout gun showdown.

Three 30+ Round GLOCK Magazines Perfect For the Ruger PC9 (review)

Here are three mag options for the Ruger PC9. It takes GLOCK mags, and we love our GLOCK mags! Watch the range demo and see the interchangeable magazine system.

Top 5 Budget Pistol Caliber Carbines of 2019

The pistol caliber carbine is becoming increasingly common. What makes the stand apart?

The Banshee Mk17 – Hear the Wail

The CMMG Banshee Mk17 is one of the lightest, and shortest AR 15 pccs on the market. This new Banshee takes P320 magazines and it kicks ass!

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