Rebelle Rally Contingency Program

Adventure Imports and MAXTRAX US just announced a partnership in the first-ever Rebelle Rally Contingency Program!

We’ll pass along some of what we know:

As the first all-women’s off-road navigation rally in the US, Adventure Imports and MAXTRAX are honored to stand behind women pushing new boundaries and growing the off-road sport.

The 2021 Rebelle Rally (@rebellerally on Instagram) will be held October 7-16. 

Adventure Imports & MAXTRAX US Contingency Program

How To Qualify? 

Teams registered in the 2021 Rebelle Rally must have MAXTRAX visibly mounted on their vehicle throughout the competition while running the MAXTRAX decal supplied at prior tech inspection.

Overall Competition:

1st Place Team Running MAXTRAX — $1,000

2nd Place Team Running MAXTRAX — $500

3rd Place Team Running MAXTRAX — $250

Rebelle Rally

MAXTRAX Spirit Award 

For teams consistently helping fellow competitors get unstuck utilizing their MAXTRAX, $500 will be awarded to the team with the most “unstuck” nominations, along with $500 to the charity of their choice.

Rebelle Rally Pamphlet

3x Rebelle Sandy Conner showing everyone how it’s done. 💪 Ms. Conner, with teammate Lisa Wolford, won the 2018 Rebelle X-Cross class in a stock Porsche. Photo by @timcalver.

Rebelle Rally

The Rebelle Rally is the first women’s off-road navigation rally raid of its type in the United States. It is the ultimate road trip for adventurous and competitive women. The name of the game is pace and precision, and you do not need to be a professional driver or have a race vehicle to compete. 

The Rebelle Rally is designed for 4×4 and Crossover vehicles and takes place on the challenging dirt roads, double tracks, trails, and dunes of the vast American West. Whether you are new to the off-road scene, or a seasoned pro, our goal is to challenge you to embrace and enhance your driving and navigation skills for your future journeys — wherever they may lead you!

Rebelle Rally Contingency Program

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