PTR Industries & Archon Firearms Partner for US-Bound Pistols

PTR Industries, a South Carolina-based firearms manufacturer, has announced its partnership with the European-based Archon Firearms to manufacture and distribute the latter’s products for the North American market.

PTR Industries, the manufacturer of the HK91G3 rifle (in case you weren’t aware), has taken its two decades of experience and built what PTR calls a high-performance manufacturing facility. Not only that, but the company also amassed a team of experts for its research and development group which helps develop the dependable firearms produced. PTR will take all of those items, along with its distribution network and customer service, and add manufacturing Archon Firearms pistols to the list.

PTR Industries and Archon Firearms partner for pistols to the US
South Carolina-based PTR Industries has announced the partnership with Archon Firearms, the European-based manufacturer of pistols, to manufacture and distribute them in the US market. The semi-automatic pistols feature the AF-Speedlock system for a compact and reliable pistol. [Photo credit: Archon Firearms/PTR]
The European-based Archon Firearms is known for its semi-automatic, high-performing pistols with an aim to provide the best products tailored to its customers. According to the company, the innovative design of the pistols features a low bore axis and a patented breech locking system, also known as the AF-Speedlock system. This system is interesting because it removes the need for the tilting barrel so that the pistol’s slide can be dropped lower into the grip. These features help to reduce muzzle rise and felt recoil and allow for faster follow-up shots. These firearms are available in various models, some optics-ready and some suppressor-ready with a threaded barrel.

PTR Industries and Archon Firearms are a good match, as both companies aim to provide consumers with well-made and dependable firearms and firearm accessories. With this partnership, the two companies share many values and believe the pistols will be perfect for PTR’s manufacturing and target audience as they bring the pistols stateside.

Both PTR Industries and Archon Firearms state shipments of the semi-auto compact pistols will begin in November to PTR’s distribution partners across the country. There is no word on the exact pricing for the Archon pistols and accessories, but they should be comparable to their European counterparts.

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