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About the HK91
The HK® HK91 is a civilian version of the roller-delayed blowback G3 battle rifle, chambered in .308/7.62x51mm NATO. The HK91 boasts a stamped steel receiver, synthetic furniture, and a non-reciprocating bolt handle, promising superior reliability and consistent operation in any target-rich tactical environment. The iconic roller-delayed blowback system uses rollers on the sides of the bolt head. As the bolt head is driven back these rollers swing out into slots in the breech and temporarily prevent further rearward motion of the bolt head, while the bolt carrier is allowed to proceed rearwards, resulting in incredibly smooth and reliable operation when it matters most. The HK91 is highly collectible as it was banned from further importation by an executive order in 1989. Prior to 1989, roughly 48,000 HK91s were imported into the U.S. Today, original HK91s often sell for more than $2000, a hefty price compared to their original $400 price tag in the 1980s.

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