NexBelt and Safariland Collab: L930 Nylon EDC Belt

News of a new collaboration is out: NexBelt and The Safariland Group working together on the L930 Nylon EDC Belt. The belt is designed for the firearms industry but has applications in other fields.

NexBelt, the pioneer and leader in hole-less belts, brings years of experience with EDC belts with its Precise Fit ratchet system for a custom fit for the “Gun Belt With No Holes.” Together with The Safariland Group, a company with a deep and rich history in law enforcement and sporting markets, the combination is sure to be a hit.

NexBelt Safariland EDC Nylon Belt
The Safariland Group and NexBelt have come together for the next generation of EDC belts with the L930 EDC Nylon Belt. Using NexBelt’s ratchet system, the belt is a rigid EDC belt with a high-density nylon construction for extra durability. (Photo credit: The Safariland Group)

The L930 Nylon EDC Belt, while designed for the firearm industry, can be used by any field that requires a belt for tactical and technical equipment tools on your belt. The nylon is a high-density nylon with an advanced composite of ultra-fine polyester for additional stiffness and durability. The L930 nylon belts feature a water-repellent liner to stop any liquid, human-made or otherwise, from seeping into and staining the surface of the belt.

The belt features NexBelt’s one-handed on-the-fly adjustments. This is especially helpful when putting it on or removal with an IWB holster. Like all NexBelt belts, the L930 nylon belt has ¼” increments with the ratchet system, instead of the usual 1” adjustments with traditional holed belts. The 1.5” width of the rigid belt makes it a great option for an everyday concealed carry belt.

The L930 EDC nylon belt features the signature “S” of Safariland embossed on the bottom right corner of the buckle. The belt is currently available in black, and one size fits a majority of people up to a 50” waist. If it’s too long, the excess can be trimmed off, and install the buckle. The L930 EDC nylon belt from NexBelt and The Safariland Group has an MSRP of $68.

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