New Trijicon REAP-IR and IR-HUNTER Thermals

Trijicon proudly announced the upgraded new models for the REAP-IR and IR-HUNTER thermal imaging systems. The new offerings possess even better image quality and recording capabilities and are easier to use, all while maintaining the item’s durability.

The new, upgraded families of thermals offer seriously capable features housed inside forged 7075 aluminum bodies with top-loading internal battery compartments for faster swaps. The bodies are slimmer and stronger, and they use the Trijicon Q-LOC quick-release mounting system, which allows the user to have fast, reliable, and, most importantly, repeatable mounting in the field and in any condition.

Trijicon REAP-IR and IR-HUNTER thermal scopes
Trijicon has released the new and upgraded thermal scopes in the REAP-IR and IR-HUNTER families. These new scopes offer digital recording, three lens sizes, and different reticle choices. [Photo credit: Trijicon]
The new models for the REAP-IR and IR-HUNTER thermals now have enhanced image processing algorithms along with greater sensitivity and contrast, all giving the users clearer and more detailed images. The new units have an integrated DVR with an SD card, letting users record 640×480 MP4 digital videos, and thanks to the single external button, users can stop and start recording easily on the fly. The thermal units employ a standard USB-C connector to connect to external battery packs for longer life in the field and simple downloading of images.

Featuring the 640×480 resolution, all of the thermal scopes also have 12-micron thermal sensors with 60 Hz frame rates for clearer images than before. Both new lines have three objective lens sizes to choose from 24mm, 35mm, and 60mm, and end users can select the desired base optical magnification. These upgraded, new models also feature reticle choices for what the company calls instant adaptations with the popular chamberings, including MRAD, MOA, .223 BDC, and 300 BLK BDC options.

All models within the new REAP-IR and IR-HUNTER lines are engineered, machined, and assembled in the United States and tested to MIL-STD 810-G. The Trijicon REAP-IR and HUNTER-IR families of thermal scopes are available now, with prices starting at $7,209 for the 24mm models and going up to $9,784 for the 60mm models.

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