ATN Corp Announces Blaze Series Monoculars

ATN Corp has announced an expansion to its impressive line-up of Smart Digital, Night Vision, and Thermal Vision Optics with an entirely new family of monoculars: the Blaze Series. With the initial two models, the Blaze Seeker and Blaze Trek, these handheld units offer quality, performance, and affordability for end users.

First up is the Blaze Seeker, a quality entry-level thermal monocular. The unit offers a strong 256×192 sensor with a NETD rating of <35mK, providing brilliant sensitivity to temperatures and high-quality images. Able to fit into a pocket, the Blaze Seeker has a directional range of 625 meters, is lightweight, and offers the user the option to save what the user sees via the internal still-image or video recording. Additionally, the unit has built-in WIFI for easy transfer of information from the unit to a smartphone with the app.

ATN Corp Blaze Seeker monocular
ATN Corp has announced the Blaze Series of thermal monoculars. The first model in the series is the Blaze Seeker, an entry level unit, compact in size and affordable in price. [Photo credit: ATN Corp]
“The Blaze Seeker represents a significant advancement in the affordability of thermal imaging technology. Our goal with this product was to make thermal imaging accessible for everyone, whether for a hunt or a camping trip with the family,” said James Munn, CEO of ATN Corp. “Offering consumers a 256×192 sensor at sub $500 is truly remarkable.”

The rechargeable batteries allow the unit to run for up to 9 hours, and it can also be run off an external power supply for an extended time in the field. The unit also includes five color palettes to choose from (White Hot, Black Hot, Rainbow, Iron Red, and Alarm). The Blaze Seeker starts at $439 for the 1-8.8x model and $529 for the 1.5-12x model.

The second model in the Blaze series is the Blaze Trek. This robust unit features an NETD of <25mK for quality images regardless of the surroundings. Running off the built-in rechargeable battery, or external batteries, for a solid 9 hours of use, it is dust and water-resistant with built-in WIFI for easy connectivity.

ATN Corp Blaze Trek thermal monocular
The second unit is the Blaze Trek thermal monocular. It is also compact, weighs around .7 lbs, and is available in four models. [Photo credit: ATN Corp]
“The Blaze Trek stands out as a game-changing thermal monocular, compact yet packed with advanced features you wouldn’t expect from a thermal its size and price point. It’s a must-have for hunters and camping enthusiasts, delivering unmatched clarity and performance in any environment. But its utility doesn’t end there; Blaze Trek’s surveillance capabilities make it indispensable for those who seek an extra level of home and property security. At under $2,000 for a 640×512 monocular, is a testament to ATN’s commitment to innovation and accessibility in thermal technology.” said Schuyler Pedroza, Strategic Marketing Director of ATN Corp.

The Blaze Trek is available in four different models, so users can select the features they need most across the models, whether it’s magnification, field of view, or resolution. The compact unit, just over six inches long and two inches around, weighs less than a pound, and is a great addition to any trip. It has the same five color palettes to choose from, and prices start at $995 and go up to $1,995 for the different models.

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