New InfiRay Vehicle-Mounted Thermal Optic: The M6 Thermal PTZ

InfiRay Outdoor Thermal Optics, and its US distributor, iRayUSA, have released the latest thermal optic with the M6 LRF. This new unit was designed to meet InfiRay company’s mission of creating the highest quality thermal optic system for night hunters, and thanks to several key features, it does just that.

The M6 thermal PTZ is a camera system with integrated scanning, visible laser pointer/designator, and laser rangefinder capabilities. The system includes many key features and offers a vehicle-mounted 360° Thermal Pan/Tilt/Zoom scanner that is over-built to last years of use and abuse. The initial features like video recording and photo capturing are aided by the 64GB of internal storage. At the same time, the WiFi antenna makes it easy to connect the unit to the mobile app for wireless streaming and data transfer.

InfiRay M6 Thermal vehicle mounted camera
The new M6 thermal vehicle-mounted solution from InfiRay has been released. With internal storage, a full 160-degree pan, gyro stabilization, and a 640×512 thermal picture, the M6 gives night hunters a simple and lightweight option. [Photo credit: InfiRay]

The unit includes gyro stabilization for smooth viewing, in addition to the 180-degree pitch rotation for a complete view of the user’s surroundings. Not only that, but the unit includes a full 360-degree smooth pan meaning the unit can scan in any direction without having to reverse or unwind. Employing the InfiRay MICRO II sensor, the M6 has a 640×512 thermal picture and a 25mm germanium lens with 1x base magnification for a wide and clear field of view.

“Anyone who has used a thermal scanner has probably tried to run it from inside a vehicle and observed that thermal optics can’t see through glass, which is a thermal reflector,” said iRayUSA Marketing Director, Pliny Gale. “With the M6, you can sit inside the truck with the heater on and scan 360° to search for hogs or coyotes. This device unlocks a whole new world of potential for die-hard night hunters, as well as security applications.”

Enclosed within an aluminum housing, it is lightweight and offers IP56 weather protection for the unit. The housing features ports for the wiring harness to attach directly to it and has lanyard-retained port caps to protect those ports when not in use. The complete kit from InfiRay comes with all the user would need to upgrade their set-up with the M6, including a wired thumbstick controller, four-point suction mount, and multiple 12v DC power wiring harnesses. The new M6 has an MSRP of $6,999 and is available now.

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