New Howa 1500 Rifle Options

Legacy Sports International announced the company would now be offering the popular HOWA 1500 rifle series in two new options. The first option is with a KUIU Vias camouflage finish while the second uses the KUIU Verde camo pattern.
HOWA 1500 rifles in Vias and Verde camoflauge
KUIU Vias at the top and KIUI Verde below.
KUIU is a specialized company the produces clothing and equipment for mountain hunting. Both the Vias and Verde patterns were developed for this, as the patterns were inspired by wild predators. As the Howa 1500 is popular with many hunters, the pairing makes a lot of sense.
Both rifles will have the barrel and action finished in gunmetal gray with the Cerakote process.
These new rifles will be available in a wide range of calibers and barrel options. All of the typical short and long action calibers will be available. Additionally, the company will offer a number of magnum calibers. Barrel options will include a 20″ lightweight, a 22″ standard, and a 24″ magnum.
Hogue stocks are used on these guns. The stocks are pillar bedded and have a rubber overmold for good gripping. There are sling swivel studs preinstalled in the stock.
Howa Vias
Standard on the new rifles is the Howa Actuator Controlled Trigger (H.A.C.T.) This is a two-stage trigger that is designed to decrease the trigger pull weight and eliminate creep. This trigger system replaces the company’s older style. Howa estimates the pull-through weight as 2.5 to 3.8 pounds. Like the older trigger system, this one uses a three-position safety.
If you are using one of these rifles for groundhog (or similar) hunting, having additional ammunition ready at hand can be very important. While the 5 round magazine for the .223 Rem chambered rifle may be enough for other situations, adding a few 10-round magazines for your Howa 1500 makes a lot of sense.
Starting in 2017, all Howa rifles sold come with a sub MOA guarantee. According to the company, all new Howa rifles will shoot groups of 1″ or less at 100 yards with factory ammunition.
The new rifles will have a suggested retail price of $782 for the common calibers with a 22″ standard barrel. The lightweight barrel models and the magnum calibers will have a MSRP of $811 — a less than $30 increase. The rifles are backed by a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.
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