New Handgun Option: The Modlite PL350 Pistol Light

Attention all lumen lackeys, flashlight fanatics, and touters of torches that proclaim performance—we have a brilliant bulletin for you. The folks over at Modlite Systems have released their new weapon-mounted light: The Modlite PL350 Pistol Light. The release of their weapon light is something that fans of Modlite have been coveting for some time. Thankfully for them, it is finally here, and initial responses indicate that it does not seem to disappoint. On top of the weapon light, Modlite has also introduced the “Modlite PL350 Holster” to complement the light.

Modlite PL350 weapon lights
Just a few of the Modlite PL350s all hooked up. – Photo credit to @Modlitesystems on Instagram

The Modlite PL350 Pistol Light: Casting Light on the Subject

The specific light package that we are discussing today is the Modlite PLHv2-PL350 Light package. There are two more models, the PLH5K-PL350 & the OKW-PL350, that are coming out later with different Kelvin color temperatures and features. However, from here on out in this article, we will be referring to the PLHv2-PL350 as just the PL350.

Modlite PL350
“How far that little candle throws his beams!” – William Shakespeare. He was probably talking about good deeds or something, but we prefer to think he was a Lumen Lackey too. – Photo credit to @Modlitesystems on Instagram

The Modlite PL350 Pistol light comes with a switch and body assembly. In addition to that, the package also includes a 18350 rechargeable battery and a set of PHLSTER ARC Switch paddles. The 18350 battery allows the Modlite PL350 for roughly 35-40 minutes of continued usage.

Packages are available with and without a two-cell XTAR USB charger. The light is an “Out the front” battery change, allows you to quickly replace batteries without tools and without taking the light off the pistol.

Modlite PL350
Here is a gif of everything that comes inside the Modlite PL350 box and few pictures of it attached. – Photo credit to Modlite Systems

Specific statistics on the PL350 light, for the illumination intellectuals:

  • 5800 Kelvin color temperature
  • 1350 Lumens
  • 54,000 Candela
Here is the Modlite PL350 with a duty belt. According to Modlite Systems, the PL350 was tested and fielded by professionals with different agencies. – Photo credit to @Modlitesystems on Instagram

The Modlite PL350 Holster: What options are there?

As with any weapon-mounted light holster, compatibility is always an issue, but few manufacturers step up to the plate. Enter the Modlite PL350 Holster. We will be updating this page as we find more holsters for you.

PHLster Floodlight PL350

PHLSTER Floodlight holster for PL350
Here is the PHLster Floodlight PL350 Holster. It has soft loops for inside the waistband and belt clips, features adjustable retention, adjustable slide-contact, adjustable ride height, and can be carried appendix inside the waistband (AIWB) or strong-side inside the waistband. (IWB) – Photo credit to @PHLster on Instagram
PHLSTER Floodlight PL350 holster
Here is another angle of the PHLster Floodlight PL350 Holster for your viewing pleasure. – Photo credit to @PHLster on Instagram

Tenicor MALUS SOL Light Holster for the PL350

MALUS SOL AIWB for various Glocks

More than likely, more than a few of you interested in the Modlite PL350 are Glock geeks; this might pique your interest.

Tenicor Malus Sol aiwb holster for Glock
The Tenicor MALUS SOL AIWB Holster for Glock has a Tenicor T1 belt clip for carrying appendix inside the waistband (AIWB), an adjustable camming bar, dual tension screws, and even has room for suppressor height sights if you are into that kind of thing. Completely compatible with the Modlite PL350. – Photo credit to Tenicor
Tenicor Malus Sol AIWB holster for Glock
Here is another angle of the Tenicor MALUS SOL AIWB Glock Holster for you. – Photo credit to Tenicor

MALUS SOL for 1911/2011

If there are a few of you that are Glock Geeks there has to be plenty of you reading this that are 1911 diehards and for good reason!

Malus Sol holster compatible with 1911/2011 pattern guns
Tenicor also has the MALUS SOL compatible with most 1911/2011 pattern guns. However, according to Tenicor, it was explicitly designed for the Staccato 2011 family of pistols.  – Photo credits to Tenicor

Author’s note, it looks like Tenicor only has the MALUS SOL AIWB for 1911/2011 compatible with the Modlite PL350 in the full 5″ barrel version of this holster as of this writing.

More Pictures and Videos From Social:

Modlite PL350
“Today is the day😎 @modlitesystems @phlster” – Photo credit to @bigtexordnance on Instagram
Modlite PL350
“It has begun” – Photo credit to @mochabear_actual on Instagram
Modlite PL350
“Same, same, different, but the same.” – Photo credit to @sagedynamics on Instagram
Modlite PL350
“Folks were asking about @safarilandgroup fit with the @modlitesystems PL350. Well here you go, this one has a @ghostmendesigns portal in it and zero issues.” – Video credit to @tacticallysound on Instagram
Modlite PL350
“Couldn’t wait for the weekend, got to warm up the PL350. Initial thoughts are that the switching is great, very clicky, and it’s just so…much…light. Very cool. I’ve been wanting a new pistol light to come to market since we started having lowlight matches here locally and this fits the bill. Plus it takes the same batteries as my handheld, so that’s a plus.” – Video credit to @cannon762 on Instagram
Modlite PL350
“Initial impressions are..whoa. We’ve entered a new era.” – Photo credit to @matthelmknives on Instagram
Modlite PL350
“Who’s ready for the PL350?” – Photo credit to @spartannc on Instagram
Modlite PL350 holsters
“I didn’t officially make a post about it, mostly because I was on the road home from teaching, but he dropped out Skotos Holster for the @modlitesystems PL350 yesterday morning at 5am. The good news – they are in stock and ready to ship, yes colors too, with no wait times for these. The bad news.. we sold a bunch already in the last 24 hours and certain colors are already sold out. We hope to stock these moving forward as a few other products that are in high demand. Might even see some of these at dealers as well. Should have some OWB options stocked in a few days as well.” – Photo credit to @veilsolutions on Instagram
Modlite PL350 on helmets
“Modlite Systems PL350 providing the Umbrella lighting for this Galvion Caiman helmet. Green vis and IR strobe marking provided Core Survival Helstar6. I’m a huge fan of Princeton Tec MPLS WL/Red task light. Counterweight is provided by Microbat Systems with their Vampire Flathead. OpsCore AMP providing comms and hearing protection. Sensitive item retention provided by Costa Defense with there Squid Retention System as well a NVG mount retention add to the SRS via an extra shock cord with a split ring to attach to the SRS and a small spring loaded carabiner to connect to the Wilcox mount.” – Photo credit to @shooters101_utm on Instagram

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