MDT announces the MambaMag

Modular Driven Technologies announced the launch of their new sister brand, MambaMag, offering a solution to shooters who want a higher count in their magazines in a detachable box-fed magazine for factory rifles.

MambaMag in rifle
MDT recently announced the launch of their sister brand, MambaMag, giving end users a solution to round capacity for their factory rifles.

The MambaMag is the rebirth of the Lucky 13 brand of aftermarket magazines. The company reportedly states that the magazines work great for hunting, plinking, or shooting precision rifle matches.

MambaMag’s straight-fit magazines were designed to increase the usability of the factory rifle without having to do heavy modifications. In addition to the magazines, Mambamag released Bottom Metals to alter the user’s existing magazines. The replacement plate is needed to convert some factory stocks from a floor plate design to a detachable box magazine design.

MambaMag alternate view
While some rifles will need to replace the bottom metal plate in their system to use these rifles, the MambaMag magazines allow owners of factory rifles to increase their magazine capacity from the 3-round factory mags to a 10-round mag.

MambaMag 10-round magazines are designed to fit into factory stocks, increasing the end user’s typical factory 3-round magazine capacity. Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum, the upper section offers the most reliable latching and feeding. The lower section utilizes a polymer construction to give a warmer feel for the removal and handling of the magazine.

Currently, the MambaMag is only manufactured for Remington 700 Short Action (bottom metal required), the Howa 1500 Short Action (bottom metal required), Remington 783 Short Action, Remington 7600 Short Action, Tikka T3/T3X Short Action, and Lithgow Short Action rifles, with more reportedly to come in the near future.

MambaMag magazine upper
The MambaMag magazines utilized an aluminum upper section offers more reliable latching and feeding while the polymer lower section gives a warmer hand feel for removal and handling of the magazine.

The magazine has a removable bottom cover plate that allows the user to remove the internals for magazine cleaning and maintenance. The Howa 1500 and Remington 700 bottom metals use a front catch and a rear latch to provide the most stability for the magazines, while still allowing the mags to drop free. Additionally, both those magazines need the bottom metal plate before it can be used as they are not compatible with a detachable magazine.

MambaMag Specs

  • 10 round capacity
  • 6061-T6 aluminum upper section
  • Glass-reinforced nylon lower section and cover plate
MambaMag on range bag
The MambaMag has a removable bottom cover plate that allows the end user to remove the internals of the magazine for inspection, cleaning, and maintenance.

The MambaMag magazines retail for $119.95.

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