High Speed Gear’s New SF Wrap Pads

High Speed Gear has announced its newest product, the SF Wrap Pads. This latest advancement for the tactical gear industry set a new level of user comfort and adaptability with the G-Form’s patented SmartFlex Non-Newtonian impact additive technology.

Boasting a versatile design, the SF Wrap Pads have been designed to mitigate shock and thus reduce the fatigue of the user by lessening the transfer of energy to them. The overall design of the pads allows for many applications to meet whatever support needs the user has, including compatibility with most plate carrier shoulder straps, belts, and weapon slings. The pads can be used with straps up to 2.5 inches wide, meaning it can be used across different gear sizes.

High Speed Gear SF Wrap Pads
High Speed Gear has announced its newest tactical gear accessory with the SF Wrap Pads. These versatile addition helps disrupt the energy flow from the host item to the end user to lessen fatigue. [Photo credit: High Speed Gear]
“Using SmartFlex™, we were able to reduce the amount of transmitted force to the wearer by 76% compared to standard EVA foam and HSGI’s legacy pads,” shared Shawn Connor, VP of Strategic Partnerships for G-Form. Together, G-Form and HSG designed a solution compatible with Shoulders, Crew Served Weapons slings, backpacks, plate carriers, belts, Cable management, and more.”

Constructed from water-resistant closed-cell material, the SF Wrap Pads do not absorb water, or other liquids, making the pads durable and reliable in various conditions and environments. With applications across different platforms, the pad materials can be cut down with scissors to match its host item.

“Conventional load carriage padding options have been limiting comfort for users for decades. They’ve been dealing with impact, fatigue, and discomfort and we knew this had to change,” said Dave Jackson, Director of Government Sales at High Speed Gear Products Group. “High Speed Gear has developed the game-changing, SF Wrap Pads with the use of technology from G-Form that brings users a thin, lightweight, comfortable, impact-absorbing system.”

High Speed Gear has a dedication to making high-performing gear, and the SF Wrap Pads work great with HSG’s Apex Sling, Apex ER Sling, Core Plate Carrier, and Operator Belt, among other range gear. Like other HSG items, the SF Wrap Pads are made in the USA and are Berry Amendment Compliant. The High Speed Gear SW Wrap Pads are out now and have an MSRP of $45.

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